How To Watch Xbox Developer Direct Event

    How To Watch Xbox Developer Direct Event

    The first-party work produced by Xbox has recently generated a lot of discussions. Even though no AAA exclusives were released in 2022, Game Pass nonetheless had a successful year, allowing many more obscure and smaller games to gain popularity. Nevertheless, 2023 appears to be different, with several significant releases in store for Xbox users. Xbox just launched a Developer Direct live stream, which will provide players with some latest additions for these games, as interest in these games continues to rise.

    However, those expecting for information about Starfield, the eagerly awaited new IP from Bethesda, will need to hold off a bit longer as Xbox revealed that a presentation particularly centered around the space RPG would be aired at a later time. Fans still have plenty to look forward to on the Developer Direct, including upgrades for Redfall, Forza Motorsports, Minecraft Legends, and The Elder Scrolls Online. What to anticipate from the show and how to watch the live stream are provided below.

    How to watch Xbox Developer direct

    The Developer Direct for Xbox will start at 3 p.m. ET or 12 p.m. PT on January 25. Fans will be able to follow together and participate in the action because it will be live-streamed on both Bethesda’s and Xbox’s Twitch and YouTube channels in addition to their own.

    Fans Can Expect New Updates for The Elder Scrolls Online

    Since its 2015 re-release, The Elder Scrolls Online has experienced tremendous growth. The most recent significant update allowed players to go to the new High Isle locale in January 2022, carrying with it new missions and personalities. Fans of the MMORPG will be thrilled to learn that Matt Firor, the studio director, will present at the Direct to present the most recent upgrades, which include new unique Tamriel regions. The Elder Scrolls Online Volume Announcement Event, which will give fans a more in-depth peek at the future updates, will take place shortly after the Developer Direct, Xbox has also announced.

    Fans Can Look Forward to Learning More About Minecraft Legends

    Third-person arcade shooter Minecraft Legends will introduce the well-known managing resources and block-building action to a different genre featuring a more in-depth plot. In order to share new information with fans, particularly fresh gameplay, for the impending game, Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive will be present at Xbox’s Developer Direct in the spring of 2023. The franchise may need this new, enlivening instalment more than any other to draw in new players while also keeping existing ones engaged in the game’s setting.

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