Destiny 2 Says Goodbye to Blue Engrams

    Destiny 2 Says Goodbye to Blue Engrams

    Rare engrams are no longer available in Destiny 2 as of right now. Blue engrams will no longer be given to players who’ve already hit the soft gear cap in the game, which is presently at a 1530 power level, as stated by the game’s creator Bungie in patch Rather, they will get a sprinkle of the “corresponding Glimmer quantity.

    Don’t worry if you immediately started playing Destiny 2 just after the update and are still noticing blue engrams. The programmer tweeted that this specific version would be published soon during the day and advised followers to follow @BungieHelp for further information. The game’s ongoing repair has been prolonged by four hours as of the time of writing and is now scheduled to end later today, January 24, at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET.

    The last several hours have been intriguing for Destiny 2. Creator Bungie was compelled to take the game offline for nearly an entire day due to several server issues and several user account failures. Last night, Bungie said that the issues the game was having would not be fixed until the subsequent day. Individuals no longer appear to be missing their arduously earned championships and victories because everything appears to be restored in functioning order. Several players are humorously blaming Bungie’s removal of Blue Engrams in this week’s patch for the downtime in the wake of it.

    Destiny 2 Says Goodbye to Blue Engrams

    Blue Engrams will stop dropping after players reached the soft gear cap on their Guardian, as was mentioned in last week’s This Week at Bungie post by Bungie. Blue engrams were primarily an item everyone broke down to free up excess inventory and included low-level gear for gamers who actively participated in the final phase. Players playfully imagined that by deleting them, the entire Destiny 2 system would disintegrate, but the Blue Engrams retaliated by battling to keep themselves in the game.

    In front of Lightfall’s debut the following season, there have been numerous changes. To make up for the absence of blue engrams, the reputation bonuses for gunsmiths have been increased by 25%. Additionally, Bungie recently disclosed that the studio is preparing to weaken Resilience as part of a significant change to Destiny 2’s mod system and the introduction of load-outs.

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