Life is Strange 2 coming on Nintendo Switch in February

    Life is Strange 2 coming on Nintendo Switch in February

    In February 2023, Life is Strange 2 will be available for the Nintendo Switch. The second installment of the Arcadia Bay series, which stars Sean and Daniel, will be available to play on mobile devices fairly shortly after the enhanced versions of the first two matches were released in late 2022.

    Life is Strange 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, so just get prepared to relive the story of the wolf siblings. The successor to the first episodic game starring Sean and Daniel Diaz is finally coming to the handheld Nintendo system, as revealed on DON’T NOD’s Twitter account. Follow two brothers as they flee the authorities after a horrible accident as they face the harsh reality of life in the outside world. As Sean, you control Daniel, your younger sibling, who has telekinetic powers and can change his environment at will. Make the decisions that will have a lasting impact on both your trip and the brothers’ lives.

    In September 2022, Life is Strange and its predecessor Before the Storm was released for the Nintendo Switch. Life Is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection, a compilation of the two remastered games, was released by Deck Nine. However, since DON’T NOD still owns the rights, Deck Nine provided no information regarding what was happening with its follow-up. Now that Life is Strange 2 will indeed launch on the Nintendo Switch on February 2, 2023, we have official proof.

    Here is what the press released about it. “In the narrative-adventure Life is Strange 2, your choices affect the game’s plot and characters. You take on the role of sixteen-year-old Sean Diaz, a typical young person growing up in the Seattle suburbs. You must leave your home and run from the police when a terrible event causes your younger brother Daniel’s telekinetic abilities to be released.

    As Daniel’s older brother, you are completely in charge of ensuring his security, well-being, and development as well as his development as a power user as you journey across the USA to enter Mexico. Discover what it’s like to travel and the unique, fascinating, and even risky individuals and circumstances you run into when you veer off the main route.”

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