How to fly in Elden Ring using the Crucible Wings Mod

    How to fly in Elden Ring using the Crucible Wings Mod

    One of the year’s top role-playing games is Elden Ring from FromSoftware. Particularly the PC version has had an increase in mods. While many significantly improve the primary fighting experience by modifying and introducing more options, a recent addition from a fan enables gamers to fly across the skies of The Lands Between.

    How to fly in Elden Ring using the Crucible Wings Mod

    This article will guide players on how to use the Crucible Wings mod on PC to fly in the well-known FromSoftware game.

    Elden Ring’s Crucible Wings for Tarnished mod lets you fly

    The mod can be turned on by players in-game as an Ash of War. Its new Altitude Modification function will allow you to glide as far in the skies as you choose. Originally employed as a weapon versus adversaries that causes the user to grow wings and lunge at foes. You can fly through the skies of Elden Ring while pressing the button connected to the Ash of War. After you, big golden wings will flutter.

    Given that the person in the viral video appears to be free-flying without experiencing any adverse effects, it is uncertain yet if the flight will use FP like the conventional war. The player may also be seen descending to the floor to attack enemies. You can do this by depressing the trigger, and letting you drop to the ground. The patch also includes improved light, powerful, and combination attack movesets for use in battle.

    What is Elden’s ring about?

    Players will assume the character of the Tarnished in this game, an outcast who comes back to the unstable and perilous planet of The Lands Between. The game’s goal is for players to complete the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord by collecting all of its components.

    Fans of the Japanese gaming studio will recognize the third-person hack-and-slash gameplay. The Lands Between is a massive open fascinating world with mysteries and dangers, however unlike the team’s earlier works. There is a lot to observe and do, from hard boss battles to unusual foes. Players can choose from a wide range of classes with various playstyles, including that melee, ranged, and even magic. New gameplay elements are also included in the game, such as Spirits of Ashes, which sends AI allies to fight with the player.

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