Hacker takes over YouTube channel of CS: GO legend

    Hacker takes over YouTube channel of CS: GO legend

    Brazilian CS: GO AWPer FalleN’s official YouTube account has been compromised today and he is now broadcasting cryptocurrency material to defraud his fans. More than 600 people are observing the live broadcast. FalleN is actively working to restore his channel and is currently informed that it’s been compromised. ” I’m attempting to regain access after [my] YouTube got compromised. Be cautious when watching the fake live feed”, FalleN said.

    FalleN has more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and posts content virtually daily. He posts highlight reels, battles against well-known Brazilian streamers, episodes of his Silver to Global series, and CS: GO improvement advice on his channel. FalleN’s most recent video featured the highlights of his side Imperial’s victory over 00 Nation, which advanced Imperial for the ESL Pro League season 17.

    The hacker neither posted a video nor erased any of FalleN’s content. On October 11, 2011, while still competing commercially in Counter-Strike: 1.6, the father of Brazilian Counter-Strike founded the YouTube channel “fallenINSIDER.” In 11 years, his stream has received over 206 thousand views.


    As soon as FalleN doesn’t even get his community back, it’s likely that the hacker will continue broadcasting the cryptocurrency hoax. Therefore, the only thing you can do is refrain from engaging on any links to that webcast until the Brazilian restores his Youtube page.

    FalleN and Empire are preparing to get their new player Jhonatan “JOTA” Willian fully acquainted with the team’s playstyle, executions, and procedures after overcoming 00 Nation and advancing for ESL Pro League season 17. During the offseason, he took the place of the two-time Major champion Fer.

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