Best Lightning Spells in Elden Rings

    Best Lightning Spells in Elden Rings

    Elden Ring offers a variety of spells kinds that you can employ. You can teleport, conjure ice storms, launch fireballs at your opponents, and more. Speaking of performing magic, you can dispatch your adversaries swiftly using Lightning incantations.

    Best Lightning Spells in Elden Rings

    Here are some of the best lighting spells in Elden Rings with their power and locations.

    1)Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear

    • unleashes red fire that flows outward after descending onto your opponents to immediately strike them.
    • Buy it from Miriel, Pastor of Vows, or Brother Corbyn.

    2)Death Lightning

    • launches a cyclone of Death Lightning that attacks opponents in the area.
    • Trade Memories of the Lichdragon with Enia at the Roundtable Hold to obtain this skill.

    3)Dragonbolt Blessing

    • boosts immunity to all diseases, blocks opponent blows, band lessons the player’s ability to block lightning force.
    • Retrieve the treasure in the Stormcaller Church, which is positioned against the wall.

    4)Electrify Armament

    • increases the Lightning Damage of the right hand’s weapon.
    • Buy it from Miriel, Pastor of Vows, or Brother Corbyn.

    5)Fritissax’s Lightning Gear

    • two red lightning daggers that strike targets from above are summoned.
    • At the Roundtable Hold, exchange Remembrance of the Lichdragon with Enia.

    6)Frozen Lightning Spear

    • conjures an ice lightning lance that, when it strikes an enemy, explodes into lightning streaks.
    • Kill the Nokstella Dragonkin Soldier.

    7)Golden Lightning Fortification

    • boosts your group’s and your friends’ immunity to electricity.
    • Kill the Teardrop Scarab in Crumbling Farum Azula from the rocks above Fountain Plaza. 8)Honed Bolt
    • launches a thunderstorm that attacks adversaries from above. This charm can be used endlessly.
    • Acquire it from Miriel, Pastor of Vows, or Brother Corbyn.

    9)Lansseax’s Glaive.

    • A red-lightning glaive that sweeps the space around you is summoned by Lansseax’s Glaive.
    • Kill Lansseax, an ancient dragon.
    • 10)Fortifying against lightning
    • increases the denial of lightning damage. This spell can be used when you’re moving.
    • When Brother Corhyn arrives on the Altus Plateau, purchase it from him.

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