Best Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go

    Best Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go

    A Pokémon’s CP is raised temporarily throughout the eight-hour-long Mega Evolutionary process. The Pokémon’s HP remains constant. When deciding on a lineup for a Mega Raid Battle, it’s crucial to keep in mind that some Pokémon temporarily change type when Mega Evolving. As an illustration, the Dragon and Flying Altaria evolves into the Dragon and Fairy Mega Altaria.

    1)Mega Aerodactyl

    Mega Aerodactyl, a fantastic Rock-type raider with a massive 292 Attack stat and a maximum of 4655 CP, is a great defender. It suffers from a weak spot to Frozen strikes and lacks much mass, but because Legendries like Rayquaza and Zapdos are vulnerable to Rock, you’ll utilize it a lot.

    Although there are many conceptual Stone Pokemon like Tyranitar, Rampardos, and Landorus which will profit from this, the strongest aspect of Mega Aerodactyl is the increase it gives to Stone and Flight on your squad.

    2)Mega Gyarados

    In Pokemon Go, Mega Gyarados is a fantastic all-arounder, and its statistics support its vicious demeanor: It possesses the highest possible CP in the game thanks to an astounding maximum of 5,332 CP, and its 292 Assault statistic combined with respectable Defence and Endurance makes it a formidable opponent to contend with.

    Due to its changing typing after Mega Evolving, Mega Gyarados can function either as a Water-type Mega or a Dark-type Mega. Waterfall and Hydro Pump are better to move choices if you choose to go with a water-type Pokémon. For the best DPS, choose Bite and Crunch if you like Dark-type.

    3)Mega Charizard

    One of the rare Pokemon in Go that can get more than 5,000 CP is Mega Charizard Y, which makes it a very serious danger. However, it provides more than compensates for its comparatively low endurance and defense with an extremely high 319 attack stat (as far as Mega Evolutions go).

    With a steep threat of entry of 200 Mega Energy and subsequent energy requirements of 40 Mega Energy, Mega Charizard Y is on the pricey side. However, given that it is one of the best Fire types in the game and has the abilities Fire Whirl and Blast Burn, it is well worth the price.

    4)Mega Gengar

    The best Mega Evolution overall and the finest Ghost-type in Pokemon Go is Mega Gengar. With a high CP of just under 5,000 and an insane 349 Assault stat, the beloved Kanto species was previously a monster in PvE, but the capability to Mega Evolve has elevated it to another height.

    Even when Ghost-type Pokémon aren’t very successful, Mega Gengar has accessibility to some amazing abilities like Dark Ball and will be a valuable asset in practically every situation. Its susceptibility to Ghost and Psychic-type techniques is its lone drawback, but it is a tiny cost to compensate for perfection.

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