How to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

    How to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

    When the entire planet is a radioactive wasteland, the currency is of little use as a form of exchange. Even if bottlecaps don’t make much more sense, they have served as the primary form of payment in Fallout games up until Fallout 76. The Appalachian Wilderness is the post-apocalyptic setting for Fallout 76. There are still traces of civilization, and these people trade in different currencies.

    How to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

    But there are other forms of money as well, and the Wastelanders update even added a brand-new kind for you to work for. The Gold Bullion returns you to the gold standard and is the sole form of payment that certain new sellers, like Regs, would accept. This is how to obtain Gold Bullion in Fallout 76 because you won’t just stumble upon these golden stones poking out of the ground.

    How to get Gold Bullions

    In Fallout 76, there are numerous ways to get Gold Bullions. There are separate figures for various techniques, but there is a daily and weekly cap on the quantity of Gold Bullions you can earn. Additionally, there is a cap of 10,000 per player, and any extra Gold Bullions will be forfeited. To obtain Gold Bullions in Fallout 76, follow these steps:

    1)Finishing Secrets revealed mission (Wastelanders Questline).

    2)Treasury Bills are exchanged at gold press equipment. 400 daily maximum

    3)The Wayward’s Smiley is selling goods there. (Weekly Cap of 300)

    How to get Gold Bullions in Fallout 76

    How to farm Gold Bullions

    Gathering Treasury Securities from public gatherings and Homeland daily challenges is the most effective way to farm Gold bullion. To hasten this procedure, we advise forming a crew or teaming up with other players. To farm gold bullion in the best manner possible, do this every day and boost your gold bullion with Smiley.

    Vendors in Fallout 76

    In Fallout 76, three dealers predominantly market Gold bullion. Minerva, though, can use this wealth as well. Before finalizing any purchases, check with each vendor to see what they currently have in stock. The Fallout 76 Gold Bullion Traders are listed below.

    • Regs – Vault 79
    • Mortimer – The Crater
    • Samuel – Foundation
    • Minerva – Wandering

    Fallout 76 has a few items that are worth spending Gold Bullions on, though eventually, this one will rely on your setup. This comprises the T65 Power Armor, the Armco Ammunition Machine, the Special Forces Armor, the Grocer Backpack, and the Turbofert Fertilizer. Complete your selections with weaponry that is also appropriate for your playing style.

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