High on Life issues after update

    High on Life issues after update

    High on Life, a funny cosmic blaster by Squanch Games recently received an upgrade that added some useful innovative features as well as fixes for several bugs. This latest patch for the satirical shooter was released only a few days shortly after it was reported that Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty and CEO of Squanch Games, had been convicted in California of felony domestic abuse.

    High on Life was made accessible on Xbox Game Pass as a first-day launch, which immediately increased the exposure of the hilarious sci-fi shooter, even though Squanch Games had enjoyed significant success with its earlier games, such as the VR-focused Trover Saves the Universe. High on Life, a December 2022 release unique to PC and Xbox consoles, earned favorable reviews from both players and reviewers. The unexpected mix of Rick and Morty and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter won over players looking to need something significantly different from the shooting games that monopolize the genre, even though a continuous trickle of childish humor and the continual jabs from High on Life’s chatting guns started turning some players off from the game.

    The most recent patch for High on Life, version 3, adds functionality that PC users have been asking for a long time in addition to fixing several struggles for control with the game. The update corrects a variety of non-progression flaws which had the potential to halt players’ progress, presenting them with really no choice but to fully reload the game—news that is likely to be appreciated by many players. The patch also resolves less serious but still irritating flaws that stopped gamers from achieving a number of the game’s accomplishments.

    Some of the most interesting new features of Patch #3 will be the installation of a new FOV slider, which will allow players of High on Life’s bizarre sci-fi universe on PC to alter the show’s field of vision. The impossibility of altering the game’s constrained FOV until now had proven to be a source of annoyance for several players, even though PC gamers have the option to run the game at greater resolutions and smooth framerate than their platform equivalents, assuming their gaming PC is powerful enough. The patch notes claim that “Globo now farts more regularly” as part of yet another piece of material that is likely to make fans of the game’s regularly lurid comedy smile.

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