Valorant New Battle passes , Map updates, New Agents

    Valorant New Battle passes , Map updates, New Agents

    Valorant episode 6

    With the addition of the Lotus map, The Valorant New Battle passes which is inspired by India, and a fresh new ARAXYS skinline, brave creator Epic Games elevates the game to a new level. It features Indian step-wells, Dravidian-style buildings with spinning entrances and unbuildable sidewalls, and sandstone buildings are all examples of this. As the latest episode approaches, devoted fans are counting down the days. The first act of Valorant Episode 6 will be launched on January 10 at 5 p.m. UK time.

    Valorant Battlepasses

    The current season, Revelation, debuts along with a brand-new Battlepass that includes numerous new cosmetic items. This is on top of the India-based new Lotus map from Omega Earth. Fans of Valorant will, of course, be able to download a sizable latest design to go along with the new season; more information can be found below.


    Producer Laura Baltzer stated, “We’re always looking to celebrate the start of a new episode, and especially one that starts at the beginning of a new year.” The episode was created with an emphasis on the elements of togetherness and cooperation with a humorous twist. “With the 9 Lives skin collection, you may assemble an entire squad of Agents dressed like cats. The maker of Valorant continued, “Items like the Good Fortune spray and New Year’s Knot buddy highlight the New Year and gathering together to rejoice with family and friends. “The Peace and Love gun buddy was also developed with this notion of unity,” they stated.

    Gameplay Updates

    Toggle Zoom inputs for ADS and Scopes are now processed differently by firearms. Additionally, it is now possible to buffer many zoom level transitions at once and to buffer Zoom Inputs when using Toggle Zoom earlier than before. Furthermore, Under unfavorable connection speeds like transmission errors and ping fluctuation, there ought to be fewer cases that can result in Zoom disputes between both the Server and the Client.

    New Agents

    The roster of distinctive and varied Agents that Valorant regularly adds to its team is one of its most fascinating features. We advise beginning with Agents that are suitable for beginners to learn the fundamentals if you are unfamiliar with the game. Each participant brings their own distinct skills and playing approach to the plate, resulting in a lively and diverse experience. We can anticipate the addition of many additional Agents, everyone having their own special skills and playstyles, to the game in 2023. There is also an Indian agent this time Varun Batara.

    Map updates

    1)Lotus New Map

    Lotus is a brand-new, three-site map with several rotational options. Discover the mysteries hidden within these historic ruins.
    Please keep in mind that such Lotus-only queuing will only be accessible in the swift playy option for one week from which it will be incorporated into the competing and Uncensored map cycle in Patch 6.1.

    Split is making a comeback with some modifications to make striking just a little simpler.

    3) A main
    The Attackers’ initial area of contact has been enlarged, and a little cliff has been included for confusion. The boost box adjacent to the orb has been shrunk, giving assailants a new vantage point from which to view site A.


    Players can now quietly descend from the Mid floor.
    For ease of use, the sneaky Jump up onto the Mid box also has been eliminated.

    5)A Tower

    To make the area more manageable, the Defensive midfielder side jump-up container has indeed been deleted.

    6)Rope Pocket B

    This tricky edge has been rounded off to enable the cleanup process simpler.

    Bug Fixes

    When switching gun pals in the Prototype Browser, Odin’s ammunition belt will no longer make sense to suddenly snap into an upright direction.

    Resolved a problem by utilizing a skill on the adjacent wall to unlock the door at Market.


    An issue that allowed Sage’s Barrier Orb to be penetrated by Cypher’s Trapwire (C) has been fixed (C).

    Also, If fixed things, such as traps, are placed in active Molotov patches, they will not be harmed.


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