Hunting Simulator 2: Blinds and Tents location

    Hunting Simulator 2: Blinds and Tents location

    Hunting Stimulator 2

    Neopia created the video game Hunting Simulator 2. It is the second part of the simulation game with the same name, as the name suggests. To locate 33 animal species, you will investigate the Texan desert as well as the woods of Colorado and Europe.

    Hunting Simulator 2: Blinds and Tents location

    The maps in the game also provide a variety of attractions for the player to find. Towers, stands, blinds, and tents, all of which have a variety of uses once discovered are some of the points of interest in the game. However, to make it simple for you to locate these beneficial areas and improve your hunting experience, we will be highlighting the locations of each of these points of interest.

    When completing the game, the Tents reward the player with certain advantages. Tents are sites of interest that can be used to quickly move about a map. There are total four Tents and one Blinds.


    There is  a lake north to the cabin. The first blind is located near it.

    The second blind is west from this initial blind,it is located in the northeastern corner of the second pond. the group to the northwest of the cabin, near the pond. When you reach the southernmost point of the second pond, turn southwest and go to the southeast corner of the third pond, where the third blind is located.

    The third blind in this group may be discovered by travelling south around the second pond’s edge.

    For the fourth blind The player will see a pond almost exactly south of the cabin while looking at the map from here. On the west side of this pond, roughly a third of the way down, the player should set an endpoint.

    Along the southeast edge of this pond lies the last blind. From the fourth blind, the player can locate it by navigating the pond’s northeastern or southwesterly shore.


    Tent-1 ( Southeast Towers)

    Hunting Simulator 2: Blinds and Tents location

    The first tent location is a little distance to the east, over a hill, from the last blind spot. It is shining which makes it easy for the player to identify the tent. The player should be able to see a tower to the east from here. It is simple for the gamer to see and get there.

    Tent-2 (Northeast and Northwest Towers)

    Hunting Simulator 2: Blinds and Tents location

    Another tower is directly north of the last tent location. This tower is two squares above the position of the previous tent, but is located one “square” north from the first lake on the map. The player will then move northeast to find another tent spot in the top right square of the map.

    The next step is for the player to place their location on the map four squares to the west, just below the bottom square’s line. The player can travel to this site and find another tower directly north of the area bounded by the first two lakes. The fourth tent is located in the extreme northwest part of the map, which you can reach from here.

    Tent-3 (Southwest Towers)

    Hunting Simulator 2: Blinds and Tents location

    The final two tents are far from where the previous tent was, so if you want to search and spend a little time going there, go ahead. The last tower position can be reached to the southwest of the third pond by travelling southeast for three squares on the map (the small circular one located to the southwest of the cabin).

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