A Robot named Fight

    A Robot named Fight

    A Robot named Fight is a Game created by Matt Bitner. Matt is the solitary developer of this game. Exploring and item gathering are the main goals of the A Robot named Fight. It is a Roguelike game. Rogue playing is a Role-playing video game that falls under the category of “roguelike” and typically features dungeon exploring through completely random levels, turn-based gaming, grid-based navigation, and the player character’s eternal death.

    Super Metroid, Contra, and Mega Man are all honored throughout the game, and indie hits like The Binding of Isaac also are examples of inspiration. After three years of its release, this Metroidvania roguelike has introduced a tonne of new features for users to entertain themselves. In this independent journey, there is a lot for new players to uncover, including shrines and navigation goods. Players have to keep  Megabeast from winning  With the help of this A Robot Named Fight.

    Controlling the Map

    One will have to travel through four different locations in every new game, all of which are connected in a specified sequence. When the first, second, and third regions are unlocked, there is a chance that one of two possible settings will be present, but the fourth area always has the same option. Since this is a roguelike, every aspect of the map, including its population, item drops, and other features, is completely random for each run. The same run cannot be played more than once.

    Outside of the first region, which is typically the least expansive, each should take about the same duration of time to navigate. Going through an entire run blind would take about an hour, maybe a bit longer, because the randomized nature changes this occasionally.

    Revenant Stations

    It can be intimidating to be expected to complete a full adventure without dying, especially while playing a game for the first time. Newcomers are actively encouraged to die in A Robot Named Fight! because it will unlock Revenant Stations.

    Revenant stations are handy tubes that act as save points for Fight Smith as he completes each run. Following the initial encounter, players may run into up to three of them on normal runs. These stations make sure that if the player passes away at any point throughout the journey, they will be returned to their starting place and spared the terrible fate of having to start over from scratch.


    Talking about accomplishments you can make more money by discovering more.  You’ll unlock accomplishments that increase the game’s item list for you to find in later games as you go through your first few plays. Although not all are obvious, you can go into runs with the intention of collecting as much as you can for the later by looking at the achievement list.

    There is a lot to unlock after three years of development and upgrades, it should be noted. To find everything, one will probably need to put in a lot of effort and time. If that’s not how you like to play, don’t worry too much about the details. Make an effort to relax with whatever goal you have in mind because many accomplishments tend to come naturally.

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