Blackjack, Poker & Slots: Which online games guarantee a real Las Vegas feeling?

    It has become more and more common to visit casinos directly online. Among the popular casino sites there are some well-known virtual casinos where it is really worthwhile to play. But which games excite casino fans? Where are the thrills pushed to the maximum and where do real Vegas vibes occur? 

    Answering this question is not that easy because the variety is great. In this article we present the best and most popular casino games that also provide a lot of pleasure on the smartphone. Of course you can also have a great time by playing other casual games but everything that includes real money and the chance of winning has a special attraction to many people. So let’s have a look at the best games for casino enthusiasts!

    Poker is the all-time classic for amateurs and professionals

    Poker has been a popular card game for decades, fascinating people around the globe. The best-known variant is Texas Hold’em, but there are also stud poker and other variants. 

    The aim of this game is to play your hand as well as possible. There are different winning patterns, the main prize is a royal flush (10, jack, queen, king, ace). It is extremely rare, but there are other images that often lead to a win. 

    Poker is played in the casino either live with other players or conveniently in the online casino. It is the only game of chance that is not all about pure luck. Instead, talent also plays a role. Those who play at the live table must remain calm and rely on their poker face. Poker is even a source of income for some players, professional gamblers earn their living with it. 

    Roulette – all-in on red or rather black?

    Roulette comes in two variants: American and French. The more popular variant is French roulette, as there are better chances of winning here. The difference is that in the American game there are two zeros on the wheel. The French variant features only one zero. The game’s principle is simple and based purely on luck. The gambler places his bet on a certain number, a colour or a group of numbers. 

    The croupier collects the bets and throws the ball into the pot. Now your luck alone decides which field the ball will fall into and where it will stay. If you guess correctly, your winnings are paid out directly. Incorrect bets go to the bank as winnings. Roulette is not only played with great pleasure in the Vegas casinos, it is also a popular game in online casinos. 

    Blackjack – never get above 21

    Another card game that is very popular among casino fans is blackjack. This simple and equally exciting game is played between the dealer and the gambler. The dealer deals the cards, which are seen by the gambler. Now he must decide whether to take another card or keep his position. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to the sum of 21 with the value of the cards. A blackjack consists of a picture symbol and an ace (e.g. king and ace). It leads to an immediate win, unless the opponent also has a blackjack. 

    The game is one of the most historic games of chance of all time. Time and again, there have been reports that some gamblers have used the strategy of card counting. The aim behind this was to trick the bank or casino. If such behaviour patterns were discovered, the gambler was expelled from the casino. In online blackjack, neither players nor dealers can cheat, as everything works via secure random software.

    Slots – a wide range of games

    The generic term for slot encompasses numerous different variants of gaming machines that enjoy enormous popularity. Which slot suits one’s needs depends on personal preferences. The most common and most frequently used variants offer the following options, among others: 

    • Book Slots: The so-called book slots have developed from the model of the well-known game Book of Ra. The aim is to spin three books (as scatters). If they appear on the reels, free spins are credited. The books open and a special symbol is selected. This symbol can lead to massive wins and even full frames. 
    • Scatter Slots: Even without books, scatter slots are very popular. The scatter symbol is variable, but if it appears three times, it triggers a feature or brings free spins. These can be used for free and often bring additional bonus wins. Free spins are always granted in the previously selected bet amount. 
    • Progressive Slots: For jackpot hunters, progressive slots are an exciting change. In the regular game, the winnings are small, a large part of the stakes flows directly into the jackpot. It is drawn at random between all participating players and can amount to several million dollars, depending on the slot. Such jackpot slots are also very well known from the casinos in Vegas.
    • Theme-based slots: For fans of certain music genres, films or themes, specific slots are a real highlight. For example, there are machines that contain images of certain films or stories. Whether animal slot, football slot or Jurassic Park theme, the variety is great and these slots are very popular especially for the entertainment value.  

    Bingo – the big fun (not only) for seniors 

    Bingo is often referred to as a game for older people, but there is plenty of variety behind this clever lottery game. The aim of the game is to mark a “bingo” on the previously received bingo card. Depending on the variant (70 or 90 numbers), the numbers are drawn by random generator or lottery drum. The player marks all the numbers that are depicted on his bingo card. If this results in a closed row, a corner or a diagonal line, it is a “bingo”. 

    Since there are many variations and rules to this game, it is worthwhile to play a practice round first. Some bingo providers play over several rounds. In the first bingo round, one line is enough, in the second round, certain patterns are required and in the third round, a full card is needed. Bingo is not offered in all online casinos, but is also one of the most popular games in Las Vegas. 


    It all began at some point with the one-armed bandit, whose history was the basis for today’s casinos. Whether slot machines or table games – the variety is great and there is an appealing game for every taste. In Las Vegas, the roulette table is often busy, but the slots are also well occupied. 

    Thanks to innovative technologies, it is now possible for players to gamble directly from home, on their computers and mobile phones. Although the ambience of the typical casinos in Sin City is missing, the gaming experience itself is in no way inferior.

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