How Do You Unlock Dark Matter on Call of Duty? – A Precise Explanation


    Call of Duty remains one of the world’s most successful and popular games. It is estimated that the game raked in $21.9M in sales revenue for the first seven months of this year, 2022. Also, the game is highly popular worldwide. Therefore, this game will likely continue performing well commercially in the short and mid-term.

    All Call of Duty players understand how tough it is to obtain the Dark Matter camouflage. Yet, attaining this camouflage is a great achievement with multiple benefits. Many young players search for how to buy dark matter in COD Warzone and other related phrases.

    In this brief article, we discuss the most effective methods of unlocking dark matter in Call of Duty.

    What is Dark Matter in Call of Duty?

    Dark matter is a form of camouflage available for weapons in two additions to the Call of Duty game. This form of weapon camouflage is available for Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4.

    This camouflage for weapons occurs in the form of a blue-purple smoke that covers the specific guns that a player uses in the game. The Dark Matter camouflage is not restricted to a specific type or class of weapons.

    Rather, all the weapons are eligible for this camouflage; the only condition is that the player must achieve the specific requirements to access the camouflage.

    Why Should I Unlock Dark Matter in Call of Duty?

    There are many reasons for unlocking the Dark Matter camouflage in Call of Duty. First, there is a heroic feeling when one finally unlocks the camouflage for weapons. The best players in Mobile Legends are usually celebrated as heroes throughout the gaming community.

    These are usually individuals who have shown exceptional capabilities in distinct categories like tank warfare, assassins, or mages. Similarly, those who attain the highest level of performance in Call of Duty are heroes.

    If you have ever played Call of Duty, you understand the demands of the game. One must dedicate hours and effort to rise through the ranks and master all the weapons. This is the case unless you rely on rare occurrences like the glitch that made players’ characters invisible and helped them win battles. But the company always quickly finds out about such mistakes and fixes them.

    It may take months for a person to finally achieve the Diamond Camouflage for all the diverse types of weapons available in the CoD game. Thus, achieving the highest level in the game is a source of self-satisfaction for players.

    How to Unlock Dark Matter on Call of Duty

    Two conventional methods of unlocking Dark Matter camouflage in Call of Duty exist. The first one is unlocking all the weapons one step at a time. The second one is purchasing a game boost.

    Purchasing a Game Boost

    Some players buy camouflages for CoD because they have not developed the requisite skills to go through the ranks successfully. Others purchase camouflages for weapons in the game because they do not have the time to play.

    Regardless of your reason, you can successfully purchase a camouflage and inch closer to unlocking the Dark Matter camouflage of the game. Unfortunately, many game-boosting services require a maximum of five days to complete general orders for buying any camouflage for CoD.

    Fighting through the Ranks

    If you are determined to unlock your Dark Matter camouflage in this game by going through the normal processes, be prepared to spend long hours in intense and grueling battles. Again, one must take several steps to unlock the Dark Matter camo in the game.

    First, a player must unlock the Gold camouflage. The Gold camouflage becomes available when players successfully level up all the weapons in every class in the game. Interestingly, you will have to address thirty-five base camouflages if you would like to unlock the Gold camouflage in the Black Ops of the game in the multiplayer mode.

    It would help if you increased the level of all the weapons at this stage. More camouflages become available when you increase the level of a weapon to the required standards. If you complete all the challenges at this game stage, one immediately unlocks the Gold camouflage for all the weapons. This is no mean feat because of the nature and number of challenges a player must first overcome.

    The second stage entails unlocking the Diamond camouflage. This camouflage is available when a player has successfully unlocked the Gold camouflage. Also, one must complete weapons in every class to achieve this goal. Remember, it takes a lot of time for players to unlock the Diamond camouflage. Thus, being patient will help you a lot.

    The Diamond camouflage is critical because it is the last step to the Dark Matter camouflage. It is common for many players to feel that they are spending a lot of time at this stage of the game. However, once every weapon in the respective class has achieved the Diamond camouflage, you will automatically unlock the Dark Matter camouflage of the game.


    Unlocking Dark Matter camouflage is the goal of every player of Call of Duty. But achieving this objective is exceedingly difficult. For starters, one must spend a lot of time dealing with the challenges that characterize the game’s various stages. You must develop an elevated level of skill and patience to go through the process and successfully unlock the Gold and Diamond camos before finally reaching the Dark Matter one. Not many players have this level of patience and skills. However, successfully unlocking the Dark Matter camouflage for all your weapons brings great benefits. One feels very heroic for achieving the highest level in the game. Besides, the blue-purple smoke that covers all the weapons one uses in the game after unlocking the Dark Matter brings a sense of self-satisfaction.


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