Patch Notes Of Rust 1.52 update On October 1, 2022

    Patch Notes Of Rust 1.52 update On October 1, 2022

    Rust Patch 1.52 has received a fresh update. Below, you can find a complete list of the game update’s improvements, bug fixes, and patch notes. All systems, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, can now download Rust Update 1.52. The platform may have an impact on the file size.


    • The hot bar item swapping glitch that prevented players from equipping things has been fixed.
    • Helping a wounded player is no longer automatically negated by turning your back on them.
    • Fixed Kayak texture vanishing after briefly using it.
    • To distinguish between the building components’ hard and soft sides, improved sheet metal textures have been implemented.
    • fixed a bug that allowed players to push past door and wall gaps
    • fixed a bug that allowed players to use ladders to cut through ceilings


    • Improved Scientist AI at the monuments for the Oil Rig, Outpost, and Bandit Camp. Junk heaps and upcoming upgrades
    • Fixed Launch Site exploits that allowed players to breach walls and strike from vents
      Scientists are no longer seen floating upward through the cargo ship’s floor in the manner of eerie ghost men.
    • Fixed an issue that made several objects, including wooden boxes, seem white.
      At Outpost and Bandit Camp, the hostile timer was fixed.


    • Backend text was removed from the Small Stash UI.
      fuel reserve Death Point’s backend text is no longer visible in Quarry monuments’ user interface.
    • When a player rejoins a server after quitting the game on the death screen, text UI is no longer displayed on the loading screen.
    • Increased loading speed for the death screen UI
      On the Death Screen, the zooming and moving of the map have been fixed.
    • The Map now appears after a player passes away while dozing off or logging out of the server, thanks to an issue that was fixed.
    • The translations for Large Furnace and Furnace have been updated.
      Team member Gamertags that weren’t aligned were fixed, as well as an issue in the Skin Store’s buy prompt that left off the theme.


    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from entering data into the “Play Rust” screen after switching profiles and choosing a server.
    • Fixed a loading phase hang on refreshing dynamic décor that could happen while in the front part of the cargo ship after logging out of the server.
    • Xbox only: A controller disconnect issue that resulted in unwanted button presses and unintended purchases of skins has been fixed.
    • Adjusted skin preview exposure to better match midday and darkened in-game exposure.
    • Skin changes including Tribal Garage Door and Furnace.


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