Here Are the 5 Essential Tips and Tricks for New Rust Players

    If there is one game famous for its brutal environment, it has to be Rust. The massive online community is as unforgiving as the environment of the game. Being someone with no prior knowledge about the game, you will be shocked to see how difficult it is to survive in this most popular long-standing game. But worry not; there are some Rust Hacks with aimbot that can help you get started with the journey.

    Whether it is about getting raided by more established players or the act of betrayal, as a new player, you need to develop several skills and learn new tactics before getting into the world of Rust. The following article will provide the best tips and tricks to settle better into the world of Rust, where everything goes.

    • Skip over-crowded server

    Selecting an over-crowded server might sound like a fantastic way to get into the game and increase the number of kills, but it is a perfect recipe for disaster for all the newbies. Instead, do some research and find a server where few players exist. The reason is simple – the fewer the number of enemies, the fewer will be the threats. It will give you much time to explore and learn the various ins and outs of the game. You can try and test different weapons, learn their pros and cons, and see which one works well with your playstyle.

    Also, as the number of human players is less on the server, you will be getting into gunfights with either player just like you or a bot – in both cases, you will get a chance to practice your aim. So, it is better to keep practicing at easier servers until you are ready to take the challenge to more experienced players.

    • Craft a spear fast

    If you do not want to get killed by someone at your level or, even worse, by an established player, it is best to craft a weapon right after spawning. In the world of Rust, you spawn on a beach with nothing, just a torch and the rock, as the only tool. As soon as you spawn into this extremely harsh environment, you will be exposed to many threats and unwanted encounters. So, to ensure you survive these immediate attacks, it is best to craft a spear for yourself. Although it is not the deadliest weapon in the game, it does the job. It is great for a quick defense during the early arenas of the game.

    • Aim at the sweet spot

    Want to gain additional items to increase the chances of survival in the game without getting into a fight with a strong opponent? Hit those sweet spots that come in your path! One of the coolest and most crucial features of the Rust is its sweet spots located throughout the map. Almost on every available consumable, you will see a bright red X mark on it – do not forget to hit it, and if your aim is on point, you will get exciting rewards. Such sweet spots are a great way to collect more resources without any extra effort.

    • Never cook at night

    Cooking is a crucial task in the Rust for your survival. But if you are someone who cooks during the night and has designated the daytime for looting and crafting, you need to think about your strategy again. With the harsh and unforgiving environment, you need to be smart with every move, even when you are cooking a meal for yourself after a long raid. Avoid cooking during the night if you do not want to make yourself vulnerable in front of your enemies. During the night, the bright flame can be easily spotted from a distance, alerting your enemies about your location.

    • Try to build multiple hiding spots.

    If you are someone who hides every item in a single spot – stop now! If you do not want to lose all your stuff in a single loot, you need to build multiple settlements. It will also confuse your enemy about your location. Even though you might get into a gunfight and die, you still have a chance to re-establish yourself with your stuff hidden at different spots.

    These were the top five tips that every new player should remember to survive in the world of Rust.

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