Upgrades in The Last Of Us Pt 1 remake review left us stunned

    Upgrades in The Last Of Us Pt 1 remake review left us stunned

    The new series had the same realistic characters, detailed environments, and movie-like dialogue as the Uncharted games people had already seen on PlayStation 3. However, instead of a shooting gallery interrupted by wild train sequences and epic climbs up mountains, this new series was different. Sony took the servers for a popular PlayStation 4 game offline, preventing players from accessing their accounts.

    Although the game received high praise and good sales when it was released, one year later players began to notice that the final product looked different from what was shown in the trailer. The “real gameplay” consisted of enemy AI, battle choreography, and player choices that looked much more primitive than what was shown in the trailer.

    I played The Last Of Us Pt. 1 this week on the PS5. It is a remake of the 2013 original. I felt the same way I did when I first played it- not satisfied. There were times when I was so bored that I could see the cracks in its beautiful new façade. This isn’t a perfect update, and brand-new players and Naughty Dog devotees may be dissatisfied with it in some ways.

    Even though I couldn’t see very well in the dark, I could tell that the game was progressing well. The trailers for the game were really good, but I didn’t know if the actual game would be as good. But when I saw how it looked now compared to 2013, I knew that they had done a good job.

    After a remaster and a sequel, Sony is returning to the original. Now known as The Last of Us Part I ($69.99), the legendary game has been rebuilt from the ground up for the PlayStation 5. It’s an accurate update with stunning visuals, but it’s still a remake in terms of looks alone; gameplay is untouched save for minor changes throughout each minute.

    I was hopeful that Naughty Dog would improve on the original game and build it on a similar framework as the sequel when reports emerged about a reboot. Instead, Naughty Dog chose to stick to the source material, which quickly drew comparisons with the PS4 remaster. But if anyone tells you that the remaster is just as good as this new PS5 version, don’t believe them.

    The updated visuals in The Last of Us Part I make the game much more realistic. It is impressive how such changes can improve the player’s experience. For example, light shining through trees looks very realistic. The flashlight cutting through darkness in abandoned sewer tunnels, and violence inflicted on both the infected and survivors add to the game’s tense and dark atmosphere.

    The cast performances, led by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, were already impressive. Now they are even more realistic because of the emotions that you can see on their faces. For example, check out the shock on Joel’s face when he sees someone commit suicide, or Ellie’s eyes filling up with tears.

    The Last of Us Part I comes with two different rendering modes. The Performance Mode targets either a dynamic 4K resolution or 1440p at 60Hz. The Fidelity Mode favors a full 4K resolution at 40Hz. If your gaming monitor or TV supports it, you can even unlock the frame rate and go beyond 60Hz. I mainly played in Performance Mode and didn’t notice any dropped frames.

    The DualSense’s adaptive triggers make it easy to use weapons. You will feel some resistance when you use a weapon.

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