How to Godbridge in Minecraft Using an Auto Clicker

    Godbridging is one of the most difficult bridging techniques in Minecraft, as it requires you to constantly place blocks by clicking at an extremely high pace. Besides this, there are many other things that make it challenging for an average player to execute this technique. 

    If you’re one of those people who don’t have a very high clicking speed but are tired of seeing other godbridge, then today is your lucky day as in this article, you will learn all the tips and tricks on how to godbridge in minecraft using auto clicker.

    1. Download an Auto Clicker for Minecraft

    The first thing you need to do for godbridging in Minecraft is to download an auto clicker. If you don’t already have one, take a look at a few of the best auto clickers for Minecraft that are listed below:

    • Forge Auto Clicker
    • Speed Auto Clicker
    • OP Auto Clicker

    2. Configure the Auto clicker

    Now that the auto clicker has been downloaded, the next step is to set up the auto clicker. There are a lot of settings that you can customize in an Auto clicker, such as Clicks per second, Click interval, Right or left click button, e.t.c. For godbridging we would have to configure the following settings:

    1. Select a custom hotkey to start/stop the auto clicker whenever you want easily.
    2. Choose the number of clicks you want per second (It’s best to start with a less CPS and increase it as you get better).
    3. Change the Mouse clicking button and set it to the right button, which is used to place blocks.
    4. Set the click interval to Zero as we would constantly need to place blocks while godbridging. Otherwise, you will fall off the bridge.
    5. Pick the double-clicking click type.

    3. Choose the Right Server

    Minecraft has different servers, each different from the other in terms of rules, communities, and gameplay style. For learning how to godbridge, it is essential to choose the correct server. 

    Bridging servers provide you with a lot better experience of godbridging. They have less lag, unlimited blocks, and some also don’t have an anti-cheat system, so you can use the auto clicker without worrying about getting banned from the server. 

    To add a server in Minecraft, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Copy the link of the server on which you want to play.
    2. Start Minecraft, click on Multiplayer, and then press on Add server.
    3. Add the link in the server address and select Done.
    4. Once the connection is established and turns green, click on Join server

    4. Aim at the Right Angle

    Most players, when they start godbridging, find it difficult to constantly aim perfectly at the spot where they want to place the block, and usually, they fall after placing only a few blocks. This occurs because they are not aiming at the right angle.

    To avoid constantly re-aiming or falling off the bridge, you should have a 135.0 or 45.0 angle between your character and the block. This angle may be positive or negative, depending on the direction you’re facing. So before you start godbridging, press F3 and look at the Facing angle. 


    While godbridging, your fingers should always be pressing A and S or S and D so you can continuously move while you’re placing blocks. If both keys aren’t pressed, you will not be able to move forward, or you might fall off the bridge.

    5. Select the ARROW Crosshair

    The ARROW crosshair is helpful in selecting the correct facing angle for godbridging; therefore, if you’re using any other crosshair, we would recommend you shift to the ARROW crosshair. You can do this by following these steps:

    1. Go to Badlion Client Setting.
    2. Search for Crosshair in the searchbar
    3. Click on Crosshair type.
    4. Select ARROW.


    Make sure that the width and height of the cross-hair are the same; otherwise, you will have problems adjusting to the correct facing angle.

    To be at the appropriate facing angle with the ARROW crosshair, line up your crosshair with the edge of the block. This will give you the perfect facing angle, so you don’t fall off the bridge while godbridging.

    6. Avoid Moving the Cursor While Bridging

    Avoiding any movement in the cursor is as important as being at the right angle while placing blocks. This is because if you move your cursor while godbridging, it would change your angle and cause you to fall off the bridge.

    To prevent any cursor movement, it would be best to place your mouse on a sticky surface from where it cannot slide. If you have a mouse pad with a rubber base, you can also put the pad upside down to place your mouse on the rubber side, which will prevent your mouse from sliding.

    7. Jump After Placing a Few Blocks

    You can’t make a godbridge by only moving forward. After every few blocks, you also need to move upward by jumping and placing a block underneath you. 

    The best way to time your jump is to practice jumping after placing a set number of blocks, for example, jumping after every 6 blocks. By doing this, you would know exactly when to jump and would have a lesser chance of missing while placing the block and falling off.

    8. Practice

    Though godbridging with an auto clicker is much easier, you can still not master this technique by only trying it a few times, so if you want to be good at godbridging, you need to practice it with consistency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What is the best server to practice godbridge?

    Ans: The best server for practicing bridging of any kind is

    Q2: How many clicks per second should you have to godbridge with an auto clicker?

    Ans: For beginners, it’s best to have a CPS rate between 4-6, you can gradually increase it as you become better.

    Q3: After how many blocks should you jump while godbridging?

    Ans: This is totally up to you but usually, players jump after 6 to 7 blocks.


    The above-mentioned techniques are tried and tested and are proved to be greatly helpful when it comes to godbridging. So if you are willing to learn how to godbridge and want to impress your friends, then try out these techniques and practice till you achieve.

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