The Most Difficult Esports Games for Seasoned Players

    This article aims to shed some light on the most difficult games in the industry. While the hardest games require tons of micro-managing to win consistently, micromanagement isn’t the only reason why they’re hard. So, we went over the total number of reasons why these games are considered the most difficult to play by both amateur and pro-level players alike. Learn more now!

    Which Esports Game Is The Most Difficult

    While anybody can play the video games used in esports, getting the game mechanism and beating other players is quite tricky. Players aren’t playing against the A.I but against each other. This article focuses on the most competitive esports games you can find online. Find out more below.

    What is Esports?

    Esports is a multiplayer video game that is competitively played by seasoned gamers as entertainment to an audience. It started being 

     played between individuals and teams during the 2000s though it was until the 2010s that the industry truly took off. By that time, many game developers were actively baking in the code for esport tournaments and other events right into their games.

    The video game genres that are mostly associated with esports are multiplayer online battle arena, first-person shooter (FPS), fighting, battle royale, and real-time strategy games. 

    The Scale of Esports Nowadays

    Revenue-wise, esports crossed the $ 1 billion mark in the late 2010s, with China making up more than 35% of the global esports revenue. By late 2022, esports is expected to have more than 26.9 million viewers, up 11.5% when compared to the previous year. The mind-blower is the fact that these are the stats for the U.S alone. Globally, there are currently more than 400 million viewers and esports is predicted to beat the half-billion mark by 2024.

    Finally, video game publishers are to esports as UEFA is to football. They literally make the rules of the game and in most cases, fund many esports tournaments. 

    The Most Difficult Esports Games You’ll Find Online

    In terms of high-skill games, these video games frequently rank as the top gunners. Have a look at them below.

    DOTA 2

    DOTA 2 is a MOBA video game though it’s known for its tweaks and flexibility. For one, there are more than 100 characters for esport players of DOTA 2 to pick from. Naturally, these characters come with different strengths and weaknesses to suit the many player styles available. DOTA 2 still boasts one of the smoothest gameplay out there, plus extremely challenging mechanics. 

    Starcraft 2

    The original Starcraft was one of the major games that were first played in an esports competition back in the 2000s. With Starcraft 2, the real-time strategy (RTS) is one of the most time-consuming video games online. It’s a map domination-type game that requires esport players to compete for in-game resources. Obviously, players won’t be able to quit the game because the more resources they have, the easier it becomes to beat the competition.

    League of Legends

    League of Legends (LOL) racked up an impressive 46 million views during the world championships. So, the list wouldn’t be complete without this MOBA game which is by far the most popular esports game in the genre after DOTA 2. League of Legends also shakes up the MOBA genre formula through the addition of real-time strategy and RPG elements.

    For real-time strategies, you can use and to acclimate yourself to LOL’s RPG elements, visit esports portal Tips.GG for an update. LOL players compete against each other, in a bid to gain kills, enforce map pressure by using offensive strategies and ultimately win. LOL also has a huge roster of playable characters with unique strengths and weaknesses to suit different playstyles.

    Rocket League

    Being a sports game, Rocket League is always played at the most competitive level because of its simple, but fun game mechanics. It’s essentially a ball game, though instead of controlling a footballer, you’ll be controlling the bar using a car. Funny idea, yes, but Rocket League has blown up to become the industry staple.

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    This is a first-person shooter video game that lets players face off against each other in a closed map domination battle. The reasons why it’s a difficult game to play are because the aiming mechanism is incredibly finicky and thorough knowledge of the map is important for key positioning.

    Factors for Picking Esport Games that are the Most Difficult

    Resource Management 

    Games like Starcraft are difficult because there are tons of resources that players must manage. In fact, players need to be so fast when managing their resources that the game has an in-game unit called APM which means actions per minute.

    Skill-moves Difficulty

    Does the game feature skill moves and if yes, how easy is it to pull these moves off? These are the questions you should ask before deciding whether or not an esports video game is difficult to play. For one, games like Tekken require players to memorize skill moves while titles like Rocket League are more straightforward. 

    Character Skill Cap

    Whether these be characters’ power levels or upgrades, esports games have different skill caps for their characters. So far, League of Legends allows players much more leeway in terms of customization and leveling up.


    There are different factors determining the difficulty of an esports game and most times, players themselves have their preferences. However, the one factor that makes esports unpredictable is that most video games are skill-based so the winners are determined by skill more than luck.

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