Games You Can Play If You Like Wordle

    Wordle took the world by storm and all thanks to the celebrities who were enjoying the game and updating their Twitter feeds with their achievements. A simple yet fun game-like Wordle is at times all you need to pass your time and learn something new while doing so. So if you are also one of those who have fallen in love with this game then we have compiled a list for you adding more games just like Wordle. 

    • Bananagrams

    Bananagram is an incredible twist on the cult-classic Scrabble.  Every player rushes to make their word with the tiles they have got as soon as they can. This is how the game goes:

    • All the players receive a certain amount of alphabet tiles and they have to come up with a word as quickly as possible.
    • Once the word is completed the player yells ‘PEEL!’.
    • Then all other players have to grab another tile and continue to complete the word. 
    • The game goes on like this and whosoever wins the most rounds win. 

    Between two and eight participants can participate in the game. 

    • Lewdle

    Now coming to Lewdle, this game is interesting but not for everyone to play and especially not if you are easily offended. As hidden in the name of the game ‘lewd’, is all about rude and obscene words. Here are the rules:

    • You have six tries to guess the right word, just like your beloved Wordle. 
    • You just have one puzzle a day to complete. 

    Lewdle can be played online, so all you need is stable internet connectivity. Get only one of the best at Mediacom Internet Precio if you wish on solving the puzzle of getting rid of a slow yet expensive internet connection. 

    • Boggle

    Boggle is also a classic and we still remember playing this in our childhood. It is a word search game, which either you can play on your own or with a group of friends. You play the game with the following instructions:

    • First, you shake the box that you get with 16 letter cubes inside. 
    • Second, you open the box and whatever letters are faced upwards you have to come up with as many words as you can within 90 seconds. However, if two people write the same word, then it cancels out.
    • Lastly, you now have to add up the score and see who wins. 

    This one is surely our absolute favorite and is a must-to-do activity with friends. 

    • Byrdle

    Well, Byrdle is like a Wordle knock-off but just as fun as the game if not more. Here’s how you play it:

    • Choose if you want to play the word of the day or just a regular game.
    • You have six attempts to guess the word. 

    Good luck to you as it gets really difficult at times. 

    • Play Four

    In the game Play Four, you solve a four-by-four grid-based mini crossword puzzle. However, it does come with a beginner or difficult mode so you can improve your skills at your own pace. The game instructions are:

    • You have to begin by reading and understanding the clues for solving this puzzle. 
    • Eight words need to be identified that fit in the boxes; four vertical and four horizontal. 
    • How many moves and how long it takes you to complete the puzzle determine your score.

    Once again, just like Wordle, you can only solve one puzzle a day!

    • Absurdle

    Now, this is a tricky yet intriguing one we must say. Absurdle is a rather interesting version of Wordle, as the latter guides you toward the correct answer with each guess, whereas Absurdle just keeps you taking away. Here are the rules:

    • There are none!

    You get as many guesses as you like. The twist in this game is that a word is not determined at the beginning of the game, instead, it depends on the type of words you guess. So after several guesses, if you stayed in the right direction then you might have solved this puzzle. 


    And that’s it. We found these aforementioned games to be the best ones so far as we enjoyed the idea of Wordle. All these games bring entertainment and also tickle your brain to think of the right word at the right time, and also really quick. Have fun and good luck as you would need it. 

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