5 Reasons Why MacBooks Are Not Good for Gaming

    Are you a passionate gamer and wish to play your favorite games on Mac? Going to buy a Macbook Pro, but not sure if gaming is possible on it or not? Well, gaming for Mac is not too great because it is an entirely different matter for Apple devices. 

    Playing average games on MacBook is never a concern; the problem is when gamers try their luck with resource-hungry games. Since base models of MacBooks come with limited storage and RAM, you need to think twice before downloading games. 

    This article will help you understand why Macs are not considered a good option for gaming. 

    Tough Upgrading

    Apple has huge control over its hardware. It does not allow its users to install apps from external sources and make other upgrades. Jailbreaking or opening a Mac computer and upgrading it voids the warranty. Hence, gamers cannot install other applications to match the power needs of a particular game. 

    Mac users are at the urge of a small number of third-party manufacturers to meet the requirement of future upgrades.  

    Limited macOS Gamers

    Since most gamers already know that playing games on Mac is not a good option, they hardly choose this device. Hence, there aren’t many gamers using macOS. The low and less profitable market refrains developers from designing games for the Mac operating system. 

    Developing games is not worth the effort and time of developers if there are not enough players on the system to have fun.

    Muffled Sound

    No one can deny that macOS is awesome with powerful performance; however, sound issues from the built-in internal speakers can become an obstacle for gamers. You may have to check the volume error and fix it either by upgrading your macOS or changing the sound settings.

    If you can’t see built-in internal speakers as an option in the Output window, reach Apple support. However, if the Mute checkbox is selected, then deselect it and test again.

    Weak Graphics Hardware

    The hardware is the king for gaming. Since MacBooks are designed on the concept of software optimization, they’ve weak graphics hardware. Although Macs run over the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and are equipped with enough RAM and storage, it uses an integrated GPU. 

    The latest MacBooks with M1 and M2 chips are faster and more efficient in handling high-end tasks, but gaming does not benefit from it too much. Not to mention that playing high-end games is still problematic even after adding 8 or 16GB of RAM.

    Tricky Game Development

    Apple does not care much about gaming on Mac because developing a video game on this device is tough for developers. Also, it has many drawbacks, including time-consuming and difficult integrated graphics. That’s a reason developers don’t want to design games for the Mac operating system.

    However, Apple has tried to reduce this complexity by releasing Metal for developers to create games to run perfectly on macOS. Metal offers a platform-optimized API to create 3D pro applications and games with tighter integration between computer programs and graphics.

    What’s the Future of Gaming on Mac?

    Even though Macs are not considered good for gaming in the past and present, their future is expected to be bright. Gaming companies are moving to the cloud and providing more compatibility with Mac and its highly-recognized PC game lineup. 

    The latest software launch of Apple brought good news for gamers in the form of external GPU support. Users can purchase an external enclosure and a gaming graphics card to play. Serious gamers can simply download an app and launch it on their device without requiring any hardware upgrade to play. 

    All they require is a high-speed internet connection. However, if they’re willing to pay, they can take advantage of enhanced gaming features through a paid monthly subscription. It is estimated that cloud gaming will become the world’s biggest gaming premise.  

    Which Mac Model is Good for Gaming?

    Well, MacBooks are not perfect for gaming. But, it does not mean that they cannot run games at all. Since they are designed on the concept of software optimization and other functionality, they are not fully capable of hardcore gaming. 

    But, Mac users can still enjoy gaming by purchasing the right model – 16-inch MacBook Pro with an i7 processor. This is the most graphically powerful Apple gaming laptop with quality features such as AMD graphics, or multiple USB ports.  

    The Conclusion

    In simple terms, Macs are made for photo and video editing rather than gaming. Most of the games are not designed and developed for the Mac Operating System. To run any light Esports games or others on a model featuring a decent GPU, you’ve to pay a huge amount. 

    The decent GPU or graphics card is built outside the CPU and incorporates its own memory. Further, they’re designed specifically for gaming to ensure enhanced gaming performance.  

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