Destiny 2 Players Can Get Free Emblem By Bungie

    Destiny 2 players can currently receive a free emblem by Bungie. The emblem is called the “Stag’s Spirit” and can be obtained by visiting the Bungie website. To redeem the emblem, players must have an account on the Destiny 2 website and log in to their account. After logging in, they will need to visit the Guardian of Light page and click on the “Get Emblem” button.

    Destiny 2 Players Can Get Free Emblem By Bungie

    The following code should be used: T67-JXY-PH6

    The badge is called Stag’s Spirit and it can be earned on Bungie’s website.

    These are the kinds of banners that players like to display to show off their skills.

    Some emblems are given out for free, while others demand the greatest of Guardians in the most difficult of circumstances. Some fragments were locked at the time of Solar 3.0 and Season of the Haunted’s release, keeping several builds trapped.

    To claim it, players must follow these steps:

    • The code may be claimed through the official TWAB or this article. It is: T67-JXY-PH6
    • Players must go to Bungie’s website and type in the code there. The code should be pasted below the line that reads “Enter your code.”
    • The emblem may be obtained in-game under the following tabs after redeeming. Collections-Flair-General

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