SHOCKING Destiny 2: HOW TO GET The Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher

    SHOCKING Destiny 2: HOW TO GET The Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher

    In Destiny 2, the Lingering Dread Special Grenade Launcher is a brand new Special Grenade Launcher with the first god roll of its kind. Breach Grenade Launchers are some of the best crowd control weapons in Destiny 2, and Lingering Dread fits beautifully in the Kinetic slot with Ignition Code and Pardon Our Dust. Lingering Dread stands out from the rest because it deals Stasis damage and has access to related perks.

    Lingering Dread’s only drawback is that, like the rest of the weapons in this set, it’s one of the few weapons that can’t be made in Destiny 2. As a result, obtaining the god roll will be more difficult, especially because it can only be obtained through two encounters in the new Duality Dungeon. Fortunately, Lingering Dread will become a permanent part of your collection tab after you’ve got it. This indicates that it can be found in any of the hidden chests strewn about the dungeon.

    Lingering Dread will only be given to Guardians in the first and last Duality confrontations. Thankfully, both secret chests may be located after the original battle, giving you up to four chances to earn Linerging Dread if you survive Gahlran’s Nightmare. The first secret box in the Duality Dungeon can be found around the tenth Repressed Memory point, while the second can be found near the area with four Cabal sculptures. Because the secret boxes only reward items obtained at the end of battles, obtaining Lingering Dread will be easier if only a few items have been obtained previously. The last confrontation has the potential to drop any weapon or piece of equipment from the dungeon, making obtaining the Stasis Grenade Launcher more challenging.

    In Destiny 2, the Best Perks For Lingering Dread

    Breach Grenade Launchers can be used for both PvP and PvE operations with the right perks. The top barrel perk possibilities for Lingering Dread are Quick Launch, Confined Launch for PvP, and Smart Drift Control for PvE. The magazine benefits for Blinding Grenades and Spike Grenades are important in Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit activities in Destiny 2, as well as endgame PvE and PvP. For PvP, the Proximity of Grenades perk is also a good choice. The third and fourth columns, on the other hand, are what really set Lingering Dread apart as a Grenade Launcher:

    1. Auto-Loading Holster/Chill Clip – The Lingering Dread god roll, ideal for Stasis builds.

    2. Vorpal Weapon/Auto-Loading Holster – With their Super active, Vorpal Weapon offers Lingering Dread a better weapon to utilize against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians.

    3. Ambitious Assassin/Chill Clip – Ambitious Assassin reloads two grenades in the launcher whenever a kill is made.

    4. Grenade-centered builds will benefit from the Ambitious Assassin, Auto-Loading Holster/Demolitionist.

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