Unbelievable How Amazing The GTA: Vice City look like with Unreal Engine 5

    Unbelievable How Amazing The GTA: Vice City look like with Unreal Engine 5

    This version of GTA: Vice City does nothing but reminds us of the mistakes of the Rockstar trilogy.

    One of the newest inventions in the world of video games took place in the late 1990s, to be precise in 1998. And it is the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Developed for first-person shooters, it has also included MMORPG, RPG, and other genres. While its latest version, Unreal Engine 5 was released relatively recently, in 2020, this development tool has continued the tradition of powering games and taking the graphics and gameplay experience to another level across the globe. For example, it is currently being used for AAA titles, such as The Witcher (one of the most anticipated installments among action and fantasy role-playing video games based on the Geralt of Rivia saga of novels).

    Fortunately, not only has it been used for modern titles like the above, but Unreal Engine 5 has also reimagined some of the older games that were most popular in their time. There are probably a lot of games that come to mind when we refer to classic titles from the 2000s. But if you can’t figure it out yet, the engine has rebuilt Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

    To be direct, this might not surprise many players who have been aware of Rockstar Games projects and the video game industry, because although the Unreal Engine is a tool that has its own benefits with more modern consoles and has been used to recreate some of today’s most successful franchises around the world, don’t forget that the classic titles paved the way for some of the earlier ones. And the proof of this is that, although Vice City was released in 2002, it was widely accepted by players and became a milestone in the history of video games.

    For this reason, a YouTube user, whose channel is TeaserPlay, has recently uploaded a kind of “conceptual trailer” to his account that shows what could be a remake of GTA V: Vice City using the Unreal Engine 5 engine. This updated version of the open-world action-adventure game not only looks more modern but gives the sharper effect of Tommy Vercetti’s scenes. However, best of all, this spectacular piece that represents the iconic game is so perfectly achieved that it could pass for an original trailer for the franchise, although it is simply a remake made by a fan of the game.

    The remake is not a tribute to GTA: Vice City, but a reminder of Rockstar’s mistakes

    According to the description that the author leaves us with respect to the video, the objective of the project is somewhat surprising for the audience. Since, instead of paying a run-of-the-mill tribute to Vice City, he explains that shows what GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition should have looked like, quite an outrageous failure in the history of Rockstar Games.

    This open-world compilation of the series of Grand Theft Auto: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was released in November 2021 and developed by Grove Street. But after its release, it hadn’t even come close to exceeding player expectations, so its imminent decline was the result of gross sloppiness. Among them, a very rushed remastering plagued with bugs and graphic peculiarities that broke with the structure of the game. And to top it all off, Rockstar took it upon themselves to remove the classic GTA games shortly before the official release of the trilogy. So, in an attempt to patch up the bug, the franchise included the beloved games and tried to hone in on the remaster, though it might be too late.

    The years have passed so quickly that we hardly believe that Vice City is celebrating its second decade since its launch. And the reviews for the action game were quite positive. At the time of this writing, GTA: Vice City has a rating of 94 on PC and 95 on PS2, making it one of the best in its genre. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it was the first installment that had a protagonist with a voice, the recently deceased Ray Liotta, who gave life to Tommy Vercetti.

    Thus, the reputation of this great game that follows its protagonist, a hitman whose objective is to complete a series of missions to destroy his enemies, continues to give much to talk about among the fan community until now, which means the love they have for one of the most incredible installments of Rockstar Games.

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