LEGENDARY Heavy Titan Tank Build for Destiny 2 SEASON 17

    Destiny 2 has been out for almost five years now, but the meta is constantly evolving. Those who want the best outcome in PVP or PVE have to stay aware of the trends to consistently win in every situation.

    The Titan is designed to be the most survivable class in the game, and it has tons of abilities to facilitate that. On top of its immense survival capabilities, the class also deals a ton of damage under the right circumstances. Titans aren’t the favorite PVP class, but they are crucial to any good team.

    Building the best Titan tank in Destiny 2

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    Downward is the only way forward. Dive into the depths of Calus’s mind in search of dark secrets in the Duality Dungeon. Downward is the only way forward. Dive into the depths of Calus’s mind in search of dark secrets in the Duality Dungeon.

    Destiny 2 Titans need to balance their capabilities to ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency. The best build for tanking in the current meta revolves around the Hoarfrost Z chest piece.

    This Legendary piece of armor came into the game in season 16 and completely changed the capabilities of the Titan. The Hoarfrost Z changes the Titan’s Barricade ability from a shield of light into a wall of seven Stasis Crystals.

    The Hoarfrost Z allows the player to build an entire Titan kit around shattering the Stasis Crystals and creating Stasis Shards. In addition, the build centers freeze enemies to shatter them for substantial damage.

    The benefits of Crystal shards and Stasis Crystals vary based on the Fragments the player selects. Whisper of Rime creates 10% overhead with each collected fragment. Whisper of Shards increases grenade energy with each shattered crystal.

    Use Glacial Grenades and Diamond Lance to constantly keep foes pinned down with ice. The grenades add even more Stasis walls to the mix, increasing the effectiveness of Hoarfrost and Fragments. The lance freezes enemies and shatters them, and freezing foes is key to the build.

    Whisper of Chains absorbs minor incoming damage whenever the player stands near a frozen target or a Stasis crystal. This ensures that they are in a constant state of reduced damage, while also generating over shield, thanks to the overwhelming ice presence.

    The Diamond Lance comes with three fragment slots. Pick up Tectonic Harvest for two more, while also gaining melee damage for Stasis shards. Add Whisper of Torment to increase grenade energy when taking damage. Then top it off with Whisper of Herons, which increases aim and stability with every frozen foe.

    Playing the Hoarfrost Stasis build in Destiny 2

    After putting this build together and adjusting for personal taste, playing this build is easy. Destiny 2 allows players to synergize their tools to constantly feed into each other and perform admirably.

    Almost every aspect of this build is centered around using grenades and lance to secure kills. The fragments chosen keep grenade energy flowing in and damage can be easily mitigated. Freezing foes and hitting them with the Diamond Lance is an easy and replicable way to kill.

    Replacing the shield is a controversial move, but slowing down enemies to a crawl and bombarding them with grenades is a move Destiny 2 seems to favor right now. The Hoarfrost Z is a key part of this great build for any tank player

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