Yakuza is Coming to Rainbow Six Siege This Season!

    In the Upcoming years, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is set to go live servers soon, and it comes with the typical slew of bonuses that players have come to expect from Ubisoft’s tactical shooter. However, this season also includes a collaboration with Sega’s Yakuza series that is far weirder and more groovy than the usual Rainbow Six update.

    If you’ve ever played as the Operator Echo and thought to have Yakuza-style gameplay you’re in luck. Echo will receive an exclusive bundle that will visually transform him into Kiryu Kazuma, the protagonist of Yakuza 0-6. The Operator Hibana will also get a Yakuza package, transforming her into Kaoru Sayama.

    A third, more mysterious bundle for Echo was also unveiled, turning him into a new Yakuza character – the description implies Goro Majima, a recurring adversary and ally to Kiryu. The studio didn’t reveal pricing or release dates for these skin bundles ahead of time, but they’ll be available in the game shop throughout the next season.

    Players will get a new Team Deathmatch map, a Reputation System upgrade, and a Belgian Operator named Sens with the new season. As usual, there are several gameplay modifications. Check out Ubisoft’s announcement stream for an in-depth rundown of the next season.

    On June 7, Ubisoft will present Rainbow Six Siege Season 2, Year 7.

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