This Hard-Core PVP Survival Game Will Change the Way We See PVP Survival Games!

    SCUM, This is a multiplayer online survival game created by Gamepires in Croatia, and it’s currently available under the Steam Early Access program. The game, which will feature an open world, is called a “prison riot survival game.” On August 29, 2018, the title debuted on Steam’s early access stage with a planned general release in 2021 But it is currently under alpha 0.7.

    Survival and Features

    Scum features an open world in which players must survive by scavenging resources and crafting items. Similar to Dayz but not Dayz. There are many things that separate this game from Dayz few of them are:

    This Hard-Core PVP Survival Game Will Change the Way We See PVP Survival Games!

    1. The game features a character customization system, allowing players to create their own characters with different looks and especially stats.
    2. With Stats Feature this game features a Metabolism feature which will be obviously taken care of by (you / the player) and with metabolism comes the wound system too.
    3. This game also features a clothing layer feature that will affect the temperature of the player and also the metabolism system of the player depending on stats and how the player has leveled it.
    4. This game also has a dynamic weather system affecting the flow of the gameplay and the player’s metabolism.
    5. It also has a skill system that will define the set of skill you have and this doesn’t mean you are bound you can learn new skills as the game progress.

    Let’s define some of the features in Detail.

    Stats and Health.

    As per the player stats and health, it will define the running speed of the player for i.e: if the player is fat he will be slow if thin he will be fast, and normal will avg speed and by the health, it will also define the Damage depending on stats and health. You will find it at the very beginning while creating your character.

    Metabolism and wound system.

    This Hard-Core PVP Survival Game Will Change the Way We See PVP Survival Games!

    The metabolism system might be quite confusing for newcomers as there will be too many vitamins list and stats on the screen but to keep it simple all you have to do is maintain all the vitamins by eating certain foods and meds and if you are not sure what food gives what perks you can simply search on the internet.

    This Hard-Core PVP Survival Game Will Change the Way We See PVP Survival Games!

    The wound system is Far more simple than the metabolism all you have to do is just treat the wound but it will affect the speed or damage depending on where your wound is.

    Clothing layer.

    To keep it simple you can just say it’s similar to real life. if you wear more clothes in the hot area you will be hot and vice-versa. And depending on your body temp on the BCU monitor you may get hyperthermia or disease related to body temperature. The clothing layer also affects the Speed of your character.

    Dynamic weather.

    we all are familiar with dynamic weather systems now but in scum, it will affect the temperature and health of players and will add some changes to the player stats in-game.

    Skill System.

    This Hard-Core PVP Survival Game Will Change the Way We See PVP Survival Games!

    This game has a good skill system as at the start of the game while creating your character you will get points to spend on your character depending on how you’ve made your characters like an engineer, good driver weapon skill running, and all sort of things but that does not mean that you will be limited to those skills you can learn other skill by performing them in-game i.e learning weapon skill by killing enemies with that set of weapon engineering by crafting and so on…


    This game is still on early access as you may find many features missing and out of place as the developers are still working on the game and are actively updating their users with their work and progress. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the ride. There are more features in the game that ill let you to explore in the game.

    Stay tuned with Gamestanza for More! And Stay Hydrated!

    And yeah Don’t forget to pee and poop on time!

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