A New Monster Hunter Game Leaked With a Release Year of 2023!

    As we all know the last few years have brought “Monster Hunter” fans a TON of amazing stuff. “Monster Hunter: World” debuted in 2018, followed by the “Iceborne” expansion a year later. The sixth mainline entry in the series, titled “Monster Hunter Rise,” was released in 2021. It, too, like its predecessor, was so popular that it received a PC version to ensure that it wouldn’t be a Switch exclusive for long. At the end of June, it will get its own add-on, called “Sunbreak.” which will be massive for the Monster Hunter Fans!

    There’s always suspense about what coming next, whether it’s with a game or after the new downloadable content. As a franchise that regularly introduces game-changing features, it’s fascinating to wonder what more surprises may be in store for future installments. While no official details have been provided regarding a fresh “Monster Hunter” title, an unfortunate cyber attack on Capcom might have given gamers a hint at when future games will be released.

    A New Monster Hunter Game Leaked With a Release Year of 2023!

    According to a supposed leak, the next Monster Hunter may release in 2023!

    A large number of alleged Capcom papers were leaked as a result of the cyberattack. According to ResetEra, one such documendenotes the company’s future content release windows presumably. The next “Monster Hunter” was on the list, with a Q2 FY2023 launch target. While neither “Monster Hunter: World” nor “Monster Hunter Rise” debuted in that period, it appears reasonable to expect a new title two years after “Monster Hunter Rise.”

    Non-spinoff entries in the series have a two-to-four-year gap between them. However, if the next game is developed for the more powerful Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 instead of the Nintendo Switch, the notion that there will be a two-year wait might be too optimistic. The title purportedly revealed in the leak might also just be a spinoff, such as “Monster Hunter Stories.”

    A New Monster Hunter Game Leaked With a Release Year of 2023!

    With the tremendous popularity of “Monster Hunter,” it’s a safe bet that Capcom is already working on a new game. However, with “Monster Hunter: Rise: Sunbreak” just weeks away, Capcom may be focusing most of its time and resources on ensuring that the expansion has a successful launch. If recent trailers are any indication, the DLC should provide plenty of additional features to keep “Monster Hunter” fans occupied until more news about the next entry emerges.

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