5 WAYS To Completely Disable Pop-Up Ads From Your Mobile Game

    5 WAYS To Completely Disable Pop-Up Ads From Your Mobile Game

    Pop-up adverts in mobile games are incredibly unpleasant and disrupt the game’s flow. It’s distracting, unpleasant, and time, which means we have to watch it all the way through without missing the last few seconds. Most importantly, it could be of any kind, making you feel uncomfortable if you’re in a public location. However, you should be aware that every problem has a solution, and we will undoubtedly be able to eliminate these annoying advertisements.

    Here are five strategies for avoiding adverts while playing.

    Switch to airplane mode.

    We’re all aware of how these adverts work—they require access to the internet in order to run automatically on your smart device. So, if you’re serious about having an ad-free mobile gaming experience, simply put your phone in airplane mode, which will ensure that banner advertising will no longer bother you.

    Although certain advertisements may still disturb you while in aircraft mode, they will be fewer.

    Remove and reinstall the game.

    If you don’t want to put your phone in flight mode, you can uninstall the game and reinstall it.

    Clear Caught

    You can also remove the caches from the storage data on your handset. Remember to clear catches before reinstalling the game if you uninstall it.

    Turn off data use

    Another option is to long-tap on the game’s icon and then select ‘Info’ from the menu to disable the unwanted adverts on the handset while playing. Alternatively, go to Settings, then App and Notifications, then App Info, and then choose the desired app.

    Turn off your phone’s data or WiFi.

    You can access the ‘Mobile data & WiFi’ section of the game or app’s information page. The Disable WiFi and Disable data consumption sections must both be enabled.

    If you like, you may also disable the Background data toggle. So, even if you utilize the internet, the app or game will not be able to access it.

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