its a bad time to be an lg user on t-mobile right now T-Mobile Video Calling troubleshooting

    T-Mobile Video Calling is the closest thing to actually being there. Learn how to fix it when it stops working. T-Mobile only supports the T-Mobile Video Calling service, which is only accessible on certain T-Mobile phones. The developer of other popular video calling services supports them.

    At least two signal bars are visible on your phone. If you have fewer, your signal strength is insufficient to provide reliable service. Look into signal issues and troubleshooting for no service.

    its a bad time to be an lg user on t-mobile right now T-Mobile Video Calling troubleshooting

    Your phone has the ability to connect to the internet. T-Mobile Video Calling will not work if you are unable to connect to the internet. Look at Internet and data problems.

    Only T-Mobile U.S. customers with supported phone models can use T-Mobile Video Calling. A green camera icon appears in your phonebook if the contact is compatible, indicating that you are both compatible.

    Visit our Device tutorials if you need assistance with these tasks on your device. Select your device or type the name of your device into the search bar.

    If your phone satisfies the above criteria but still won’t let you video call, try the troubleshooting procedures below.

    Can’t make a video call on T-Mobile

    If you’re having trouble with T-Mobile Video Calling, try the following:

    Make sure the person you’re calling is a T-Mobile user in the United States and utilizing a suitable T-Mobile Video Calling phone. The service will only work on Wi-Fi for T-Mobile subscribers in another nation and will not work with other providers or numbers. Activate VoLTE on your phone. This enhances call quality and allows you to use LTE data while on the phone. Check to see if the phone has an LTE or Wi-Fi connection. 4G and below are not supported. Wi-Fi Calling should be enabled. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you’ll need to enable it. Remove all third-party calling applications. Update the software on the device to the most recent version. For current versions and steps, go to the Devices page. To make sure the camera is operating, record a short video. Make sure the other individual follows the same steps as you. They should double-check their network settings and connection. If T-Mobile Video Calling continues to fail, please contact us for assistance. We may need to double-check a few account settings and take a closer look at your local network.

    FaceTime, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype, and other video conferencing services

    T-Mobile supplies your Internet connection, but it is unable to assist you with any non-T-Mobile services that you utilize on it. Here’s where you may get assistance with common video calling services:

    Do you have any further questions about T-Mobile Video Calling? Visit T-Mobile Video Calling for more information.


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