How to Win Podium Vehicles Everytime? : GTA Online Tricks!!

    GTA Online is famous for its online mode that allows players to play with each other. The game has a lot of missions and side missions that can be completed by players. Players can also create their own custom missions and deathmatches.

    The online mode also features a number of heists, which are multi-part missions that can be completed with up to four players. These heists usually involve robbing a bank or other high-value target, and can be extremely lucrative for the players involved.

    How to Win Podium Vehicles Everytime? : GTA Online Tricks!!

    But for many, this game is all about collecting cars and winning podiums. and having a huge car collection.

    If you’re someone who believes in conquering the odds, we can assist you! Here’s a simple method to win the Podium Vehicle every time you spin the Lucky Wheel in GTA 5

    “Go to the Diamond Casino in GTA Online and create a private session to reset the Lucky Wheel. Walk over to the wheel and wait for the “use to spin” message to display up, then move the left stick up and down rapidly after counting exactly four seconds”.

    It all comes down to timing, therefore the last step is critical! You’ll be able to overcome the odds and win every time once you get good at the timing.

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