SHOCKING: Halo Game Studio Are Paying Staff To Quit Now

    After recent leaks showed that the US Supreme Court aims to repeal Roe v Wade, studios including Bungie and Double Fine have come out in favor of abortion rights. Certain Affinity CEO Max Hoberman took a step further this week, revealing that the Halo-backed studio will pay for workers’ relocation costs if they live in states with anti-abortion (and anti-transgender) legislation.

    Hoberman wrote on Twitter that he finds it “shocking” that Texas, where CA is located, is “severely abusing the rights and dignity of transgender adolescents,” while simultaneously criticizing attacks on women’s bodily autonomy.

    This includes Bounty Hunter in Texas. Citizens can sue anyone they suspect of not just having an abortion, but also of assisting someone in getting one. According to Hoberman, this is already having an influence on the company’s operations, such as its capacity to hire new personnel. As a result, Certain Affinity will now reimburse relocation costs for employees who believe it is “untenable” to remain in the areas covered by the statute.

    Dealing with highly political issues like transgender and abortion rights as a corporate executive is extremely challenging. However, I am not satisfied with simply sitting and talking or doing nothing. Today, I’m delighted to share this information with all of @CertainAffinity’s full-time employees.

    “I make this commitment to you today as a tribute to our firm ideals,” Hoberman wrote. “If you live in a state or province where access to what most medical experts consider essential care is restricted, making it impossible for you and your family to remain in that state or province, we will cover pre-approved, documented, reasonable non- Your pocket money for moving to a safer state or province where we operate.”

    Some Affinity presently only has offices in Austin, Texas, and Toronto, Ontario, but allows employees to work from anywhere in the United States or Canada. The studio is presently said to be working on a Halo battle royale, and it’s likely that it doesn’t want its developers to overemphasize the lack of legislation that could aid in its development.

    While I applaud this initiative and hope to see more from the industry, other studios have been working hard to demonstrate their support. Sony is said to have tried to prevent studios like Insomniac from making pro-abortion statements.

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