How To Get Legend Tokens Of Apex Legends, SHOCKING!

    How To Get Legend Tokens Of Apex Legends, SHOCKING!

    Apex Legends Mobile has launched and with it, a new hero, Fade, has been added to the game before the PC and console versions.

    Fade, a new hero for Apex Legends, is unique to the mobile version for the time being. His tagline is the Punishing Phaser, with his ability to ‘flash back’ to a previous point on the map and allows you to live a few more minutes.

    Fade’s ultimate ability shoots out a Chamber blast, which sends everyone into a void. While enemies and teammates are affected by this, they won’t be able to take or deal damage as long as they remain trapped inside. They’ll also be slowed down, so you’ll need to get to a better vantage point and take them out.

    Fade can be unlocked in two ways, either for free by playing the game or by paying for him upfront if you really can’t wait. However, it’s probably recommended that you earn him the freeway, as it’s not particularly difficult to do.

    How to get Fade Pieces in Apex Legends Mobile

    Fade is currently locked behind the battle pass and 750 Syndicate Gold, the premium currency that you have to pay for. As of right now, the game is offering gold at the following prices:

    280 Syndicate Gold – £2.49

    465 Syndicate Gold – £4.49

    935 Syndicate Gold – £8.99

    2340 Syndicate Gold – £19.99

    4680 Syndicate Gold – £40.99

    9365 Syndicate Gold – £79.99

    As you can see, you’ll be paying £8.99 to unlock him early, when you can simply complete the free portion of the battle pass to earn the Fade Pieces needed.

    Other mobile games have done this before, splitting a character into ‘fragments’, ‘shards’ or in this case, ‘pieces’. You’ll need 10 Fade Pieces to unlock him and that means you’ll need to get to level 25 on the battle pass.

    This is fairly easy to do but will take some time and just requires you to continuously play the game as you go.

    Upon logging in for the first time and completing the tutorial, you’ll be looking at the battle pass anyway, with the first level rewarding you with two Fade Pieces. Obviously, buying it has other benefits, like extra rewards, but it isn’t required to unlock Fade.

    There’s no news on when Fade will come to the main game and EA seem invested in the idea of keeping Apex Legends Mobile separate from the PC and console, so if you play there, you won’t be seeing them via cross-play either.

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