Pokemon Go Mega Evolution update!

    Finally, a month of Sundays has come to an end ! After several weeks of rumours spread all around. Niantic has announced a MEGA EVOLUTION SYSTEM in Pokemon Go.


    The basic highlights of the new feature is that most Mega Raids will be easier than before. Players can take them on with lesser people. Gamers will be able to Mega Evolve their Pokemon from raid and battle preparation screens.

    An extra visual effect is added to the Pokemon which has Mega Evolved.This visual effect added to celebrate this big achievement. Implementation of Mega Events is taking place. There are some changes to the application of Mega Energy.

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    A new bonus feature is added. There is a shoot up to chances of earning Candy XL. Gamers can earn this bonus when they catch a similar Pokemon as the Mega Evolved Pokemon. Another additional feature is also introduced. There is a rise in XP for catching Pokemon of the same type as Mega Evolved Pokemon. A Mega  Evolved Pokemons rest period has decreased.

    Mega Evolution

    There is fantastic news for the Pokemon Go fans ! The new update has inculcated a new element . When a Pokemon is Mega Evolved it does not need Mega Energy again to Mega Evolve. This minute feature has brought a craze among the Pokemon Go fans. Once the Pokemon has Mega Evolved it gets tired and needs rest.

    Pokemon Go Mega Evolution update!

    When this rest period comes to an end , Pokemon can Mega Evolve again. The best thing about it is Mega Energy is not required to evolve again. Mega Energy application to Mega Evolve has also reduced since rest time has decreased.

    These updates have brought a lot of excitement to Pokemon Go fans. Gamers can track the number of Mega Evolutions found in Mega Pokedex. This update is currently available in Australia and New Zealand. It will be soon available for the rest of the world.

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