Battlefield 2042 finally get a ingame voice chat update !

    It’s been five months since the release of Battlefield 2042. The latest update 4.0 released on Tuesday has made several improvements to the game. The main feature of this update is Voice Chat support (VoIP). This first-person shooter game developed by DICE was launched with many glitches. Battlefield 2042 has improved a lot with the ongoing updates made by the developer

    Battlefield 2042 finally get a ingame voice chat update !

    Bug fixes in the update:

    Vehicle balance is improved. The M5C Bolte’s passengers are easier to target and there is a reduction in power for its Missile Launcher. Players were unable to ADS after exiting a vehicle and were unable to revive other team mates near objects; both of these problems were fixed.

    Improvement in XP Events and Ribbons which makes it easier to unlock across modes.Balance adjustments to specialists such as updated Traits for Rao and Paik and improvements of Sundance speciality is also seen. Another change that has made a significant effect is an overhaul of the weapons attachment system.Previously, players criticized attachments for having little to no perceptible effect on their weapons. With the changes made, DICE expects that attachments have a “unique and noticeable” change on weapons.

    Battlefield 2042 finally get a ingame voice chat update !

    If you want more details about the latest update you can go through this link BATTLEFIELD 2042 UPDATE 4.0

    Some flaws that needs to be fixed

    The voice chat update has unabled players to communicate in a smoother way than before. But this feature can cause problem when used in presence of an entire team. Parties and squads have only channel option. If the team will consists of maximum of 4 members then this feature is worth using. It is given that teams can have up to 64 players and 64 people speaking at once could create chaos. A proximity-based option could have proved to be a useful solution to this problem.

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