Clash of Clan: Latest update releasing in May?

    Clash of Clan: Latest update releasing in May?

    Clash of Clan fans has been eagerly waiting for the release of the new update. Fans have been waiting since spring and it’s been heard that the new update may not be coming until May. Developer Supercell has put some light on the release status of the new update of clash of clans and it sounds more realistic in May.

    About the update

    The Clash of Clans Developer Supercell has acknowledged that this update is something different than the previous updates made. They haven’t revealed the specifications of the coming update. Supercell mentioned that they need some more time for the release of the update.

    Clash of Clan: Latest update releasing in May ?

    Some leaks have emerged regarding the coming update. Clan capitals will be introduced to the game. This seems to be a major feature in which everybody in the clan would be able to contribute to a massive hub base that serves as the clan’s capital.

    There is no confirmation about these leaks yet. Five or six Clan Capital base levels are added. The ability to attack a capital with your entire clan will also be available. These added features to the game will set this update apart from the previous ones.

    Information from tweet

    Clash of Clan: Latest update releasing in May ?

    Last it was on 11 th of April when Clash of Clans developers had told anything about the coming update. It’s been a long since their initial tweet so it’s assumed that they might be working on bugs and fixing any issues before locking a final date.

    A conclusion is that the latest update does not seem to arrive until May. The latest updates going to be added to the game will be making the game more entertaining and interesting. I feel waiting for the update by the Clash of Clan Fans will be worth it. These new features are different from the previous one and will definitely excite the players.

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