The Latest Release Alienware x14’s Price and Specifications!

    Gaming laptops are big, bulky, cumbersome and while they are portable they’re not very easy to carry around but that’s about to change. Dell Alienware x14 is available at a starting price of 1,69,990 and you can get configurations of up to a Core i7 12th gen and up to Nvidia 3060 GPU. This one is exactly the top-of-the-line variant and this one has one terabyte of storage with 32 gigs of ram. Again options that you can pick at the time of purchasing the device which will be of course available from dell’s website in India.

    Features of Alienware x14 Laptop

    Now one of the coolest features of this Alienware x14 laptop is the fact that this is a gaming laptop and the design is based on Alienware industrial design 2.0 and it looks really impressive. It’s available in this lunar color that is mostly white but it does have hints of gray and you do have some elements on the design that looks impressive.

    This can pass off as a non-gaming laptop and an everyday use laptop because of the design. It’s the new dual torque hinge that moves the base of the display forward. This Gives the overall display assembly a lot of rigidity so if you’re using it in tough environments while gaming if you look at it from the backside you will see that the display moves from the back panel a little bit and comes closer to the viewer.

    Over here the Alienware x14 also has a really impressive display. It’s a full HD display but it has 144 hertz with a 3ms response time. You also get Nvidia g-sync and that is because there is a nvidia3060 graphics card in there. The panel does have 400 nits of brightness and 100 coverage of the dc ip3 color gamut this display also supports Dolby vision and just above the display you’ll get the Alienware HD cameras with dual-array microphones and these cameras also support windows hello logins.

    So if you like logging in with your face, you can do that on the x14. Alienware has taken care of the thermal demand of both the Intel CPU and the Nvidia GPUs with their kryotech cooling technology so there’s a vapor chamber in the machine and if you open the back panel you can also see layers of graphite sheets as well to allow for better dissipation of heat.

    The Latest Release Alienware X14’s Price and Specifications!

    You also have really powerful fans allowing for better cooling. Once you open up the back panel you can also see that not a lot is customizable but you do have two things that you do have access to and that is the SSD as well as the network card if you decide to change that, or if it breaks down in the future you can change it. The SSD is a warranty void item so if you do decide to swap it out, you will have to remove the warranty sticker which will then void your warranty.

    The Alienware x14 does get Dolby vision on the screen and you also get Dolby audio out of the speakers. The speakers themselves are really loud and extremely powerful, so if you want to get into a gaming session with just the built-in speakers you can do that as well and you do have dual-array microphones. So if you don’t have a headset you can use headphones with the inbuilt microphones to get really good audio. From the device itself, another cool thing about this design is the fact that all the ports are on the back.

    Now some people do prefer ports on the side but because of the slim nature of the overall design, Alienware has put all the ports on the back. So you do get a USB charging port along with a global headset jack. One HDMI 2.1 which does support HDCP 2.3 supports Nvidia Geforce graphics output.

    You do get a standard type a USB 3.2 gen1 port along with a micro sd card port and two USB c thunderbolt 4 ports with also support for USB 3.2 gen 2 and 15 watts of power delivery and also a DisplayPort 1.4 output and inside the box, they do include a USB c to ethernet jack adapter which will be necessary for some people who do decide to buy this for more work-related requirements.

    Some more amazing specs

    Even though the device does have the latest wi-fi 6 as well the x14 also has the alien fx keyboard which has a 1.2 mm of key travel and there’s quite a lot of rigidity in the overall structure of the device as well you have an aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis and that gives it a lot of support. The keyboard also has an NK arrow so all keys are registered as you type on it or whether you’re smashing keys in a gaming session you’ll not miss out on any keypresses and that is a good feature for a gaming laptop to have and the keyboard is good for typing as well.

    The Latest Release Alienware X14’s Price and Specifications!

    This is a gaming laptop you expect to do a lot of gaming on this and this will not disappoint you with that as well on doom you were crossing 150 frames with the highest possible settings and gaming performance on this does deliver.

    So it doesn’t matter what kind of game you’re going to be pleasing you can easily expect upwards of 60 fps on really demanding games as well and that’s thanks to the built-in 3060 graphics card and the benchmarks also prove the same as we went through the benchmarks on the x-14 laptop so that was the Alienware x14 now.

    Not only do you get a really powerful gaming laptop but you also get a non-gaming laptop if that’s what you’re going for and it looks cool doing both of those things thanks to the new hinge and the overall design of the Alienware x14.

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