The New Call of Duty Warzone Glitch is Making Players Invisible ?

    A new Call Of Duty skin has accidentally allowed players to turn invisible during the game. It was reported that the Awoken skin for Call Of Duty character Francis is launched with a glitch that after walking a certain distance the player turns invisible. Except for a glowing orange mask, no other body parts are visible. The character Francis unlocks at level 100 of the current battle pass. This glitch has allowed the players to win the game by unfair means. Some have named it a ‘pay-to-win’ mechanism.

    About the glitch in details

    The issue here is created by the Awoken skin for Francis which is available at Tier 100 on the Battle Pass. It looks like normal standard skin but due to a technical issue, the skin makes the character invisible. The character has an orange mask which seems to be floating in the air as the character becomes invisible.

    The New Call of Duty Warzone Glitch is Making Players Invisible ?

    The character Francis seems to vanish at distances past roughly 30 meters in-game. The mask is the only indication that the player is present there.The body, although invisible but can give damage to other players. The problem is since the payer is invisible it would be difficult to target and shoot.

    Since the skin can only be accessed if you have a Battle Pass, some see this as ‘pay-to-win’ tactics.

    The New Call of Duty Warzone Glitch is Making Players Invisible ?

    Problems from the Warzone developers

    The problem has worsened during the ongoing strikes that took place at Activision Blizzard. In addition, holidays have slowed down the fixing work. The Warzone developer Raven Software’s QA department has passed a new letter calling for discussions. They have also mentioned a demand for full-time roles for the QA workers. There is no certainty when this problem will be fixed.

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