Final Fantasy 14 housing lottery system Glitch is not letting players win?

    The Final Fantasy 14 housing bugs are preventing people from actually claiming the house that they won and it’s a matter of fact that you’re not alone. There is a mega thread of people saying do not refund your property. So if you’ve got the message you didn’t win do not refund because you have several days to do that but this will also hopefully let the Dev team kind of address the issue and hopefully reward you with the housing that you want.

    Housing is absolutely a value item and it’s something that a lot of people really strive and work hard to and the lottery system was supposed to help out with that but it has not clearly at this time and it looks like maybe maintenance ended up breaking this but people are getting messages like there are no participants in the lottery even though there were or they are getting the winning number zero maybe you have better luck in the future, these are essentially the errors that people are reporting right now at the start of this. All housing all lottery systems are impacted so it says the. The first round of the housing lottery has concluded and the results are a bit confusing.

    Final Fantasy 14 housing lottery system Glitch is not letting players win?

    Reports made by players

    Players have reported issues of being the only bidder on the house only to be told that the bidding number is zero after others have reported seeing houses that have received multiple bids display a message that nobody won because there were no bids on the house at the end of the day. The houses are available in first come first serve basis and because of this people are trying to click that sign in order to get the house.

    Final Fantasy 14 housing lottery system Glitch is not letting players win?

    Good News!

    Producer and director Naoki Yoshida, shared a good news that  the results of lotteries that ran over the past week have been preserved, and can be implemented during regular server maintenance. In addition to this he said, players who won a housing plot in a lottery without bugs or problems won’t be forced to redo the process or enter another lottery. Yoshida asked anyone who has been awarded a housing plot to claim it in-game ASAP to make the maintenance go smoother.

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