Destiny 2 Everything You Need To Know About Where Destiny 2 Is Headed Coming in 2022!

    Guardian Games, a Destiny 2 limited event in which players can compete as Hunters, Guardians, or Warlocks, will also return in 2022.

    Destiny 2 Everything You Need To Know About Where Destiny 2

    In Destiny 2 Following the Hunters’ spectacular victory last year, both the Warlocks and the Guardians will be fighting for first place this year.

    But when will it begin, and what can players expect to accomplish this year?

    To begin, Bungie has revealed that Guardian Games will take place between May 1 and May 24, just in time for Season 17 of Destiny 2. Players can help their favoured class win by scoring points during the event, which centres around combat between the game’s classes.

    Laurels are the most essential item in the event because they are the currency that players will need to purchase bounty challenges that offer medals that provide points to a specific class. Players must gain ability kills in all activities except Crucible and Gambit in order to obtain these things. Players must, however, ensure that their Guardian Games Class Item is equipped before they begin farming for Laurels.

    Aside from bounty challenges, players can earn medals by purchasing contender cards with their Laurels. Triumphs will be important in gaining medals and scoring points. These medals will be kept in the Medal Case, which players must deposit at the Podium because they will not be able to earn any more if the Case is full.

    Players will also have access to the Guardian Games playlist, which will allow them to play with their classmates and win a lot of points, much like last year. In addition, there will be new quests and challenges that will aid in the scoring of points.

    Gain access to a new exotic spacecraft, the famous SMG (The Title), an insignia, a shader, and more.

    The new armour sets that Guardians will have access to as part of the event will also be available to them. Players will also be able to obtain gifts like an Exotic Ship and a Legendary SMG named The Title, according to recent leaks regarding the event. In addition, they can earn Emblems, Shaders, and other stuff.

    The event will begin in a few weeks, so get ready when it goes live since your class will need every bit of help they can get to win.


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