Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Expected Release Date?

    Zelda Breath of the wild2 got delayed and no it likely wasn’t because the game just simply wasn’t ready. Nintendo might have had an ulterior motive. Elder breath of the wild 2 was set to release in 2022 but it was unfortunately announced that it was going to be delayed until spring of 2023. However some new game play as well as a first look at the new master sword was released. Another console will be released alongside Breath of the Wild too .The  game looks even more crisp and it doesn’t even compare to the original in general. The trailer is interesting because the image quality is quite good. rarely volumetric clouds on the switch ,the camera cuts have perfect anti-lacing which is even rare for an xbox series x or play station 5 game. We know that it’s bound to happen and we know it’s going to be released with a new nVidia chip that has the capabilities of DSS which is deep learning super sampling. It’s essentially an up scaling so it doesn’t have to utilize as much performance as the actual hardware. So you can render out less pixel count but AI upscale makes it look like it’s even better .So this is a strong possibility of what they’re utilizing.

    Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Expected Release Date?

    Will it be released soon?

    Now with breath of the wild 2 being released in the same timeline as breath of the wild 1 and breath of the wild 1 obviously released alongside the Nintendo switch ,history is bound to repeat itself .Its not obvious that Nintendo would release another switch console that’s a true mid-generation leap in performance as well as quality without releasing alongside a legend of Zelda game. Nintendo is gonna try to continue the success that they had with breath of the wild one and the Nintendo switch original release by leveraging the legend of Zelda breath of the wild 2.Now we have to ask ourselves when are they going to reveal the new Nintendo switch console and if we actually take a look at history it will likely be revealed sometime this October and then during Nintendo’s February direct they give us the full launch trailer for breath of the wild 2 that announces the release date of sometime in march of 2023. It makes the most sense and it also keeps them within the fiscal year of 2022 which should give them a final bump for their q4 earnings of 2022 and then history repeats itself whether or not Nintendo is going to be able to give USA big lineup of games that are as big as year one of the Nintendo switch. It seems that they will but only time will tell how the rest of the year looks but the hype is definitely real. I think Breath of the Wild 2 is destined to release on the new Nintendo Switch hardware. That’s in the form of a new Nintendo switch pro or a 2.0 switch or whatever they decide to name it either way there is no shot that breath of the wild 2 does not release alongside a new switch .Nintendo is just not going to let that happen, but all in all, everyone is curious to know.

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