Is Valve Working on Source 2 for CS:GO?

    Source 2 is a video game engine developed by Valve announced in 2015 as the successor to the original Source engine. Valve’s Artifact, Dota Underlords, and Half-Life: Alyx have all been made with this engine. There is much excitement among CSGO fans about the Source 2 engine as it comes with graphical changes and accurate sound effects. However, Valve cut out the Source 2 project during an internal meeting last year because porting CSGO and its community contents to a new engine was too tough for Valve. There is a lot of craze among the community for source 2 engine but whether Valve is working on it or not, the reason is unknown.

    The fans are eagerly waiting to see what the game would look like. Dynamic lighting, finer textures, sharper details are some fan mock-ups of what it would look like. However, the chances of CSGO being converted fully to source 2 remains unlikely. Valve would want to refine the game in its current engine rather than a new one. Incorporating CSGO into source 2 engine would require enough effort as it affects the games in a variety of ways.

    Is Valve Working on Source 2 for CS:GO?

    On Reddit, the development team’s approach to moving CSGO into Source 2 was discussed by a Valve developer in 2017. “For CSGO, we evaluate these new systems on their individual merits. Some CSGO rework is in progress, such as the UI that utilizes different parts of Source 2. Other systems might follow. For CSGO, some Source 2 systems could never be right” the developer said. A “relevant anecdote” has backed up this which discusses how Valve discussed the expectations regarding Source 2 with pro players.

    One of the things players were expecting was better hitboxes but the developers simply tightened up the hitboxes in the existing CSGO engine. Fans are more hopeful as Source 2 – related rumors have been plenty. As there are new leaks, it has given fans a reason to look forward to it.

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