GTA Trilogy Developers Blocked Their Fans !

    Do we have some drama to talk about today? Of Course, but this is something controversial too. The developers behind the GTA Trilogy: the definitive edition grove street games actually returned to Twitter.

    On April 14th they tweeted -” our team is expanding come work at a place where having fun and doing your job are the same thing”. Nothing was told about the trilogy and the worst part is that they started blocking people. Many of the players were critical in handling the gameplay-based complaints. Therefore, they literally started blocking accounts that asked questions about the trilogy. Not only that, they also started hiding replies. This is so extremely unprofessional from growth street games.

    Why would you block your fans? They bought your game, thus asking questions about the game, It doesn’t even make sense. Why wouldn’t the company address the issues? This is wrong as they are trying to hide the mess they created. The replies to this tweet are just fixed. Though that tweet is to promote the job listings and attract new talent. However, punishing passionate fans (that only want the best version of the product they paid for) by blocking them is totally unprofessional. Take a look at this reply by a strange man -” hopefully rockstar never hires you guys again. Please go and look for other games to destroy “and they actually blocked him.

    Even if the replies are offensive, they should have surely expected this. They haven’t tweeted anything ever since the trilogy came out. This is just not the way to handle this situation, the least they can do is zone it up but it’s not right to just ignore all the messages. It is unethical, it is straight-up disrespectful. These past few years have just been terrible for rockstar games and their products and we can only hope for the best.

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