Huawei 9um Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag features

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Huawei has launched a new school backpack for kids that will be available soon. The Huawei 9m Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag will be available in the near future. This isn’t your regular bag because it has some unique qualities that you won’t find in any other bag.

Huawei 9um Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag features

Smart positioning support is included in the Children’s Schoolbag, allowing parents to keep track of their children’s location even if they are not permitted to carry cellphones or navigation wearables to the school. The device includes Beidou and GPS, which has a 5CEP outdoor accuracy.

Huawei 9um Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag features

The bag is tied to Huawei’s ecosystem. App control and HarmonyOS Connect are also supported by the school bag. Three gaurd areas are configured if the school bag is successfully connected to the “Smart Life” app on the mobile phone: home/school/ any other place. When a child’s backpack enters and exits the destination region, suppose when the youngster attends school, parents can receive an SMS alert.

It also features a high-frequency mode that will ping at a predetermined interval every two minutes to keep them informed of the child’s current location. For a maximum of 3 months, the history log is stored.

The bag is well designed for aesthetics and ergonomics, it is a Huawei product. It has a five-dimensional design that benefits weight reduction. For a more comfortable fit, a specific design U-shaped shoulder strap was provided. For added comfort, it’s well-cushioned and breathable, which makes it very comfy to carry.





Furthermore, the horizontal Schoolbag’s structural design is approximately 6-7 cm less than the height of a standard school bag. The strap design will prevent the bottom of the school bag from being dragged below the waist, preventing force harm to the waist. As a result, it is better suited to children under 135 cm.

The 1 54-inch IP67 dustproof and waterproof fun screen display, which can establish class schedules, and use electronic signatures, theme clocks, and other different features, is perhaps the most impressive feature onboard the new bag. Does the smartphone app give parents access to all their children’s class schedules? Every day the schedule of the following day can be automatically updated. This makes it simple for the youngster or their parents to choose books for their child.



So, it’s the best featured Huawei product for parents to supervise their children without difficulty.

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