Hot Wheeles Unleashed Trailer & more details

    Hot Wheeles Unleashed Trailer & more details this year, and we have another new trailer on YouTube. The arcade game from the famous Hot Wheels, the game will have 40 circuit tracks in six environments. The new video shows a Skyscraper environment and the trademark twisting orange tracks with speeding cars on it.

    Hot Wheeles Unleashed Trailer & more details
    Hot Wheels Unleashed is rushing into various devices and consoles very soon.


    Hot Wheeles Unleashed Trailer & more details

    The new video shows a new setting of the game, the Skyscraper. There are three scenes in the game, and all of them looked exciting. The orange twisting track seems to go all around the place, while clouds are visible in the back. There are quite a number of jumps and leaps, making the game more exciting. Some footages also showed great drifting skills by the racers. Watch the trailer here:

    More Info

    The game will be a full package of excitement, with 60 cars and six environments to race at. There will be as many as 40 tracks set up, and each of them will have exciting features like upside-down driving, jumping from high floors and excessive speeding, and knocking rivals down. Some of the cards have already been revealed, thanks to the first trailer where they showed the garage. This video revealed six more cars. The trailer footage showed “Pre-Alpha” written below, which means the real game may not look similar to this. Who knows, maybe it will be even cooler!

    The first trailer of the game released earlier this year, and it was really exciting to watch cars race on the trademark orange tracks. Here is the link to the video:

    Release Date

    Hot Wheeles Unleashed Trailer & more details
    The new game will feature 40 tracks across six locations, and each of them will have exciting features, like upside-down drive and high jumping, and knocking other races out.


    Hot Wheels Unleashed is releasing on 30th September this year. The game will be available to play in various platforms, which is a great advantage. There will be Steam and Epic support for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation and also Nintendo Switch support. According to the trailers, the game will pack action and excitement in every second of the gameplay. We do not have the final car list as of now, but the game will feature 60 cars in total. We all know what to expect from Hot Wheels. It’s just, we have to wait for some more months.

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