Xbox Game Pass: Get ‘Dirt 5’ & ‘Knock Out City’ Latest Update

Xbox Game Pass: Get ‘Dirt 5’ & ‘Knock Out City’ Latest Update is a good way to get some good game titles at a cost per month. The list is updated frequently, and this time, they have added games like Dirt 5 and Knock Out City in the past.

Xbox Game Pass: Get ‘Dirt 5’ & ‘Knock Out City’ Latest Update

Xbox Game Pass: Get 'Dirt 5' & 'Knock Out City' Latest Update
Xbox Game Pass is a great way to play a variety of new games every month with a fixed monthly fee.


The Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 a month and gives access to various games. This is a subscription, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, where you pay a monthly fee to play anything you want. While the list always contains hundreds of titles that players can enjoy, it is updated frequently. So, you may find a game on the list today, but not in the next month. They not only add new games but also remove games from the list.

If you have the Xbox Pass Ultimate, there is better news for you. You can now have access to EA Play games from November 10thm, 2020. Plus, all future Zenimax titles and Microsoft-published games are also available with the pass.

Current Titles in the Pass

There are always hundreds of games available through the Xbox Game Pass. In April they have made some changes to the list, removing some titles and adding others. The current list contains hits like Dirt 5, while games like Knockout City have been confirmed to come within the next month. Here is a list of all the present and upcoming titles in the Pass:

The full list is enormous and contains hundreds of titles. Among them, are games like Absolver, Astroneer, Dirt 5, Blair Witch, Costume Quest 2, Crackdown 3, Deep Rock Galactic, Fallout: New Vegas, Forza Motorsport 7, Gears 5, and many more.

With the subscription, players can just play any title they want without spending uncountable amounts of money buying each game every time. There are a lot of games coming up in the later months, and many are in the queue with no release date confirmed yet.

For the full list, check out:

Upcoming Titles This Year

Xbox Game Pass: Get 'Dirt 5' & 'Knock Out City' Latest Update
There are always new titles coming in the Xbox Game Pass list.


Here is the list of confirmed upcoming Xbox Game Pass games coming later this year:

  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 (arriving May 4th, 2021)
  • Knockout City (EA Play, arriving May 21st, 2021)
  • Halo Infinite
  • Psychonauts 2
  • The Gunk (Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, coming September 2021)

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