Jedi Fallen Order Review

Jedi Fallen Order Review. The 2019 game that drives Star Wars through another episode, after Revenge of the Sith. The action-adventure title is not just full of fight and shooting. This time, Respawn Entertainment has done a great job, bringing massive gameplay improvements and delivering a fantastic plot that follows Cal Kestis, who gets interrupted by the evil forces while restoring his fallen order.

Jedi Fallen Order Review Gameplay

Jedi Fallen Order Review
The action-adventure title is full of action and a thrilling yet straight storyline.


The game is full of everything. You can get action, challenging scenarios, puzzles to solve and proceed, and skills to unlock. The skills are unlocked via the skill tree. The game has checkpoints where it saves progress, but there is no manual save feature. There are a variety of collectibles in the game, like outfits and color schemes to customize the ship. The recent update last year brought a new feature where players can fight against waves of enemies. This is accessed via the Meditation circles, i.e. the checkpoints. The rewards are based on the difficulty you choose.

Overall, the game gives a promising experience for action lovers. Fallen Order is released in two versions, Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe version has director’s cuts included, with some more items.


The plot takes place five years after the Star Wars game, Revenge of the Sith. It revolves around Cal Kestis as several evil characters try to hunt him down. He later joins with allies to fight back. The whole story feels good, and the Star Wars Universe fits right in the plot. The game also ends in a (sort of) cliffhanger, which can make way for a new game later on. The game is third-person, and the story narrative designing team was led by Aaron Contreras.


Jedi Fallen Order Review
The game received multiple nominations and awards and sold more than ten million copies within six months.


The game received likes from players all over the world. It received several nominations and won a total of ten awards from different publishers. The game is praised for intense action scenes and a straight storyline. The game runs on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox One devices. Last year, it also appeared on Stadia. The game lacks the wanted multiplayer feature, but the campaign is enough to keep the players hooked up for a long time.

Final Verdict

If you are into games that involve storytelling, single-player action, and adventure, this game is a good choice. Fallen Order will take you to the Star Wars Universe to deliver an impressive gameplay experience. The game was nominated for The Game Awards 2020 for the Best Action/Adventure Game. According to the developers, the game sold more than ten million units within six months of release.

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