Call of Duty Mobile New Season: What To Expect?

    Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most played action games on mobile phones. The title brings a new season this month with new content and lots of exciting things. We dig deep and find out what Activision is up to in this season.

    Season 3: Tokyo Escape

    Call of Duty Mobile New Season: What To Expect?
    Call of Duty is one of the most popular battle games for Android and iOS devices.


    Season 3 of the game is releasing on 17th April 2021. This season is subtitled Tokyo Escape. The features include a totally new Call of Duty Mobile experience, with new modes, new maps, and new weapons. The season also comes with new Blueprints for weapons, a new perk, and two new Multiplayer maps.

    Like other seasons, there are both free and paid rewards. Free rewards are obtained by playing the game and earning XP points. To get the paid rewards, which, to be frank, are the majority of them, you need to buy the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is the one-time investment for getting all the rewards for the season. The Battle Pass also gives you the rare currency CP (COD points), used to buy premium stuff in the game.

    What’s New?

    This season also contains 50 tiers of rewards. Players progress through tiers as they play. There are also rewards for logging in daily and doing certain missions.

    Season 3 will bring two new maps in the multiplayer mode. All the maps in the Call of Duty Mobile version are influenced by maps and locations from the PC game versions. The new maps are Oasis and Coastal.

    Oasis comes from the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and consists of a map with beautiful decorations and luxurious themes. The location is a desert with everything in there, from a spa to a parking lot! The second map, Coastal, is a seaside map with clear skies and many streets. Both of the maps provide ample room for a competitive battle between the two sides. The maps are releasing subsequently, with Oasis starting the show and Coastal following a week or two later.

    New Maps and Rewards

    Call of Duty Mobile New Season: What To Expect?


    The free rewards in the tiers include the new PP19 Bizon SMG at Tier 21 and the new Bull Charge Operator Skill at Tier 14. Plus, there are two new multiplayer modes releasing later during the season. They are Night Modes and Swords and Stones. The latter is based on the Shadow Blade Operator Skill, which is currently available in stores for credit points.

    Players and fans are all excited for the new season. The last season brought the new AS VAL assault rifle in the game, and also 50 tiers of alluring rewards.

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