The Last of Us 3 Remake for PS5 is Confirmed Here How Its Look’s!

    Naughty Dog’s most grossing game Last of us is going to be remaked for Play Station 5. Let’s see how the new game will look like here.

    Last of Us is an action adventure survival game developed by Naughty Dog in the year 2013. After it’s big success, Naughty Dog joined hands with Sony and released Last of Us 2 last year 2020. Now some reports says Sony is working on Last of Us 3 Remake for Play Station 5.


    Bloomberg states that initially Sony got it’s hand on the remake of Last of Us for Play Station 5. But now, it is Naughty Dog which is going to finish the new generation platforms development of the game.

    The Last of Us 3 Remake for PS5 is Confirmed Here How Its Look's!

    Sony’s secret mission

    According to Bloomberg, Sony in the year 2018, appointed a group of developers out of Naughty Dog to make Last of Us into a new generation platform game. Sony had also planned to remake Uncharted, the game franchisee developed by Naughty Dog. But those efforts didn’t go well.

    Established content

    After their efforts get damaged, Sony supported Naughty Dog to develop Last of Us 2 and it released last year. After the success of Last of Us 2, now Sony is planning to bring back Naughty Dog developers to remake Last of Us 3 into  Play Station 5. But without making fresh content, Sony is planning to remake the established content into the new generation platforms.

    Release date

    There has been a rumour that Naughty Dog is working on the new instalment of their Uncharted Franchise. So we couldn’t track the time of release of this Last of Us 3 Remake for Play Station 5. It is said that there must be a lot of time is needed to make this remake happen. So we have to wait for some more considerable amount of time.

    The Last of Us 3 Remake for PS5 is Confirmed Here How Its Look's!

    HBO series

    Bloomberg also informed that this Last of Us video game is going to be adapted into a series by HBO. The story of an adventure of a smuggler called Joel with a teenage girl Ellie in the post-apocalyptic United States is going to be made as a series. HBO is planning to Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay, the Game of Thrones stars in lead roles and it is lead by Craig Mazin. Last of Us director and Neil Druckman is executive producer of this HBO project.

    These are the details you want to know about the Last of Us 3 Remake for Play Station 5.

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