New Real Time Strategy Game in Development by Ex Blizzard Staff of FrostGiant Studios !

    Good news for lovers of real time strategy games! This next game will betake its influence from Warcraft III, Broodwar, and StarCraft II, to make the new game a lot more evolved.

    What is RTS ?

    An RTS or Real Time Strategy is a genre of a game which centers around the player to play as a god and control all the units to build and use resources for the motive to defend their side and defeat enemies. In one other way, you only control one character to use resources and build to defend and defeat enemies.

    New Real Time Strategy Game in Development by Ex Blizzard Staff of FrostGiant Studios !


    Games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of empire etc,were the games that really made this genre very popular.

    FrostGiant’s New Game in Work

    Though, with genres like FPS and RPGs dominating the market, RTS has become a struggling genre at this time. With blizzard studios stopping development on StarCraft II, things seemed to get even more concerning for the genre, but as this genre is still loved by people.

    Frost Giant Studios, who’s a company made by ex staff of Blizzard Studios – who had worked on game  StarCraft IIWarcraft III, and Diablo IVrevealed that they are working on a new RTS gameBeing experienced team, we can expect a great title to come out hopefully.

    On their website, they have clearly stated they are serious about this. Our mission is to build the next great PC real-time strategy game!”  

    We can clearly expect a game with new ideas yet influenced from these great titles which sounds promising as these are some really experienced RTS game developers.  “Our influences will include Warcraft III, Broodwar, and StarCraft II. We expect to be as different as those games are to each other,” said co-founder of Frost Giant Studios Tim Morten.

    New Real Time Strategy Game in Development by Ex Blizzard Staff of FrostGiant Studios !

    Name, release date?

    Currently, there is no information about what this game will be called or when will it release as it’s really early in the development.

    Last Words

    The project has been funded 5 million dollars for them to develop this game, and they are taking full consideration of what the fans want thus have opened their Subreddit and newsletter for discussing the game development with the players. They said:

    “Separate from funding, we’re very committed to having discourse with the community throughout our development. This is currently happening through the FrostGiant subreddit, and through the monthly newsletter that anyone can sign up to receive at”

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